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Announcement Patch Note [Patch Notes] Experimental Alpha 1.0.29 Notes


May 19, 2018
Hello AdeptGamers,

Before we get into the patch notes a quick disclaimer: The server is experimental. IT MAY EVEN CRASH. In case I do not notice, feel free to notify me on Discord. For bugs and feedback, please use the forum, we will not process any bug reports on Discord.

All characters have been wiped. Remember that the eventual relaunch carries another wipe with it.

We begin our notes with the 2 new features that need to be tested

Account quests

A quick introduction to account quests:
Account quests are quests that are shared across all your characters. Accepting one account quest on a character and logging onto another, will result in the account quest to also be displayed on the other character. At the same time, an account quest can be completed and will not be available again on that account (and currently there is no daily account quest). This is very ideal for first time completion rewards for bosses and other interesting things.

Here is a list of currently available account quests and their rewards:

  • Farell 1st completion (complete quest): 100 dust (weapon and armor), 50 bounty tokens, 5 Enchant Insurance Scrolls, 50 gold
  • Lavalon 1st completion: +11 Enchant changer, 100 dust, 10 Enchant Insurance Scrolls, 100 gold
  • Aram 1st completion: +11 Enchant changer, 200 dust, 15 Enchant Insurance Scrolls, 500 gold
  • Bone 1st completion: +11 Enchant changer, 500 dust, 30 Enchant Insurance Scrolls, 20 Advanced Enchant Insurance Scrolls, 1000 gold
  • Paris 1st completion: +11 Enchant changer, 1000 dust, 30 Enchant Insurance Scrolls, 30 Advanced Enchant Insurance Scrolls, 2000 gold
  • Elga 1st completion: +16 Enchant changer, 2000 dust, 50 Enchant Insurance Scrolls, 40 Advanced Enchant Insurance Scrolls, 4000 gold
  • Lavalon Heart quest (defeat Lavalon 3 times for a full heart, requires lava quest)
  • Aram Eye quest (defeat Mutisha 3 times, requires aram quest)
  • Bone 3 Crystal & Diamond quest (10 runs)
  • Paris Truth gem & 3 curse gems (20 runs)
  • Paris Wings (!) (50 runs)
  • Elga Black Dragon Bloody Crystal (!!!!!) (50 runs)
  • F7 unlock quest (for your entire account). Unlocks after completing Lavalon (quest). (oh and F7 rokko is going to be enabled)
All account quests are located on the bulletin board in port of the wind south (same npc where aqua quest starts)

Master Mode (Drakos only)

Master mode is the fourth mode (on our server we only had normal) for dungeons. Master Mode features way tankier monsters (scaling with your level), 8 drops per run, a higher chance on rare items (wings and gems) as well as a limit on item usage. Currently, there is only one application of master mode which is Drakos. In this mode, you can only use MP Potions Lv. 60+ and paris feathers. NO HP POTIONS are allowed. (consider taking a healer with you). There are free Master Mode scrolls on the cash shop for the duration of the experimental server.

We are looking forward to your feedback of these features. Currently, this implementation mainly aims so the foundation of it is tested on bugs. Many other implementations will come at one point.

These conclude the 2 features, here are other patch notes:

  • F7 is now enabled on rokko. The account quest is unlocked after completing the Lavalon quest. Entering F7 will still require you to be Lv. 40
  • F7 waiting time has been reduced to 10 seconds from 60
  • F7 bombs can now be targeted by towers for full damage
  • F7 bombs receive normal damage again (one hit)
  • EXP Rate of the server has been increased to 12x
  • Added Normal Drakos Scroll Fl. 47 to cash shop (free)
  • Added Van Cliff Job Change scrolls to cash shop (free)
  • An unlimited Character Jump Event has been intiated (from the get go)
    • Jumps your character to Lv. 20 with basic equipment and Farell quest completed (instant reward)
  • Added more staff emotes
Quest changes:

  • Fellowship Entry test begins prequest is removed. Requires Lv. 20 to accept
  • Farrell's diary second part prequest is removed. Requires Lv. 40
  • Where the traces point to (Ash mist - baron) prequest was removed. Requires Lv. 60
  • Top of Drakos prequest removed. Requires Lv. 70
  • Fight Black Dragon Lord Elga prequest was changed to Top of Drakos.

These are all changes for now. Adjustments will be made here and there if necessary and more implementations may be made. We will closely monitor of how things go and implement new features that require testing that are currently being worked on.

The servers will soon go up after the patch notes are released, stay tuned! The patch will be made available soon to your clients.

Thank you for your patience.
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