Announcement [Patch Notes] Patch 0.2.36 Notes

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    May 19, 2018
    Hello AdeptGamers

    Here are the patch notes of this maintenance (we were going to have one today anyway)!

    • Adjusted Launch Event Drops
    • Adjusted prices of Launch Event Items
    • Turned ALL [Event] Jack's Beans into normal beans
    • Changed the Jack's Beans from the Launch Event exchanger to the normal version from [Event]
    • Added Free Pet Renamer in Cash Shop
    • Added Skill Reset for all levells on the front page of the Cash Shop
    • Bounty Quests are now shareable!
    • Clarified what costume coupons description for later use
    • Halved VC Boss EXP
    • Couple costumes were made stat-less and had their soulcrafts removed
    • Soul Stealer Ring is no longer soulcraftable.
    • You can now exchange DSS for chaos scrolls
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