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    Hello AdeptGamers!

    Here are the Patch Notes of this maintenance.

    Content Changes:
    1. Raised EXP scaling of monsters Lv. 40+
      • Lowered % increase of EXP gained through Enchanted Mobs
      • You will still gain more EXP through Enchanted Mobs than before
    2. Increased cost of Dust in Bounty Exchanger slightly

    3. Added Gada Coins to Bounty Exchangers (1 token --> 3 Gadas) and to Cash Shop 100 for 100c

    4. Added Stat resets to Cash Shop (100c single) (250c Full)

    5. Increased Rare Drops of Drakos and Bone passively and actively
      • There will be restructures that will allow us to have better control over it in the future
    6. Clarified Quest names for the 1st Job Changes

    7. Added new winter guardian weapon costumes and set, royal winter costume set and santa pets with new textures to the Dragon Lord's Blessing event (extended till 16th) these items will be available for purchase after the event ends.

    8. Updated hidden maps to have chaos theme and given each one a unique background music

    9. Updated player spotlight when in chaos lighting, now has a reduced faded effect

    10. Added all hidden maps + new secret basement to devil soulstone exchange

    Bug Fixes:
    1. Disabled the undoable water temple Drakan specific quest (should have been disabled already)

    2. Fixed Set Effects:
      • HP Regen on Dragoon Sets
      • HP Regen on Overlord Sets
      • Int and Mana on Arcanist Sets
      • MP Regen on multiple Sets
      • Aimrate on Archer Sets (although the coding was correct it was changed to % aim to fix it)
    3. Fixed Drakan Secmathian Set Recipe requirements

    4. Fixed the issue with party cutscenes where other members of the party would get stuck (experimental please report further issues)
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