Announcement [Patch Notes] Patch 0.2.41 Notes

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    Hello AdeptGamers, here are the current Patch Notes:

    • Balanced out Paris Drops (better rates for gems)
    • Increased Rare drops for Bone
    • Added Paris Wings White and Black COSTUME craftable at Cosmetic NPC Cathrine
    • Added Paris Follower CS as drop in specters tower
    • Increased Weapon Damage of Lava, Aram and Bone weapons
    • Decreased cost of Drakos and Bone gachas
    • Adjusted Enchanted Monster EXPs (higher at low enchants, lower at high)
    • Potions 1-40 now also stack up to 999
    • Twinks/Secondary characters now receive 1.5x-2.0x additional EXP
    • Launch Event has ended and Global Dust Drops are back
      • The exchanger NPC will remain for a while to exchange the remaining blessings
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