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    Hello AdeptGamers, here are the current patch notes.

    • Added a live player counter to channel selection (updates only when leaving / returning to the UI)
    • Fixed issues causing winter pet textures and normal pet textures to swap around
    • Fixed issue with winter pet stats not going above 30
    • Fixed stat issues with robot pet (fixed mounting node too)
    • Made Winter Pets dyeable (hat color changes only) between red/green/blue.
    • Updated Winter Pets Textures + Icons (Renamed Santa Pets to Winter Pets)
    • Added 12 new colour variants to Paris Doll Pet (when dying)
    • Made winter costumes/weapons special grade
    • Paris Doll pet now displays name instead of TW EVENT/BLANK
    • Fixed Royal Winter Helm (Female)
    • Fixed archer winter guardian gloves
    • Teleport Card no longer is consumable (Infinite Use) now available in cash shop
    • Party Warp Card no longer is consumable (Infinite Use) now available in cash shop
    • Following pets removed from cash-shop due to bugged stats:
    • Sugar Glider
    • Tabby Flix
    • Gold Flix
    • Hummingbird
    • Colorful Poodle
    • Blue Tail Lizard
    • Flying Squirrel
    • X_201
    • S_201
    • Z_201
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