Announcement [Patch Notes] Patch 0.2.46 Notes

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    Hello AdeptGamers, here are the current patch notes:

    • Enabled same gender couples, You can now couple other players who are the same gender of you even when they are different races. (Animation fixes are on the way)
    • Added minimap icon to display quest monsters when you have a quest active, you will now see monsters that are for your quest on the minimap represented by the normal green Q marker to help you locate these enemies faster/easier.
    • Fixed stat options of all pets that drop from dungeons (Mini Aram, Baby Bone, Dark Flip, Night Bat, Hover Car (Most cases should be resolved now with pet stats)
    • All mount/battle pets now start with pickup level 3 , level 4 at stage 2 and level 5 stage 3
    • All mounts now start with ride level 3, level 4 at stage 2 and level 5 at stage 3
    • Fixed some mob names
    • VanCliff scrolls up to B23 now drop in the dungeon.
    • Drakos scrolls up to Floor 45 now drop in the dungeon.
      • Floor 50 has a minor chance to drop a floor 47 scroll
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    Huzzay for same gender couples.
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