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    for the extended downtime/delay.

    Here are the current patch notes for Cookie Factory Part 1:

    • Added the Arcadium to Port Of The Winds Center
      The Arcadium is a new building that will be the host of all current and future themed events as well as a place to visit and play various mini-games and game modes to receive prizes.
    • Added Cookie Factory theme to Port Of The Winds Center for Valentines [Contains Easter Egg]Jump-z.
    • Added new login theme and logos
    • Exp Lock Cards are now sold by daisy in Port Of The Winds for 50g each [Have not been tested/fixed]
    • Elga Medal are now sold by Daisy in Port Of The Winds for 200g each
    • Friend List Limit 30 -> 999
    • Issues with same gender couple and minimap monster quest icons are resolved
    • Added Cookie Factory Event to Arcadium
      • You will need to start the quest line by visiting Innkeeper Floran at Port Of The Winds. (F1 - F5)
        Afterwards you will unlock the quest line starting at Archer Class Master Rony at Port Of The Winds (F6 + F7)
      • F6 and F7 Tickets drop during the mission mode and also you will receive some during the F6 to F7 quest lines.
      • F1 ~ F7 all are auto level scaling.
      • F1 ~ F7 all drop recipes for treats that all give the same benefits as a x2 potion each costs 10gold to craft
      • you will also drop the ingredients for those treats in all modes these ingredients can also be used for exchanges at Yamaki [In Part 2]
      • F1
        70% chance for F6 Ticket
        30% chance for F7 Ticket
        3 slots + recipe at SSS
      • F6 and related quests will reward Cookie Factory Silver Coins [Perfect Hunch is Chocolate Misc]
        Correct Guess 1: 1 Silver Coin
        Correct Guess 2: 2 Silver Coins
        Correct Guess 3: 2 Silver Coins
        Correct Guess 4: 2 Silver Coins
        Correct Guess 5: 4 Silver Coins
        Correct Guess 6: 4 Silver Coins
        Correct Guess 7: 5 Silver Coins
        Correct Guess 8: 5 Silver Coins
        Correct Guess 9: 5 Silver Coins
        Stage 5 = 3 Silver Coins + Recipe Box
        33 Silver Coins Total
      • F7 and related quests will reward Cookie Factory Golden Coins
        Stage 10: 1 Golden Coin
        Stage 20: 2 Golden Coins
        Stage 30 : 3 Golden Coins
        Stage 40 : 4 Golden Coins
        10 Golden Coins Total
      • Completing the full quest line will reward the Valentines Medal.
      • This valentines event is the ideal time to level all of your characters. With your Couple, Friends or even alone.
      • Cookie factory will end on the 1st of March (29th of February is the last day)
      • Currently Yamaki does not have any rewards to offer you but check after the patch on Monday and he will have special items.
        Keep ahold of Misc Ingridents + Silver/Gold Coins.
        Some things to expect:
        Candy Themed Weapon Costumes
        Cupid Set Costume
        Heart-Eye Patch Costume
        Rose For You Costume
        Lolipop and Chocolate Gloves
        Valentine/Candy themed Pets
        Valentine/Cookie Emotes
        Couple Warp and Love Cards
        Couple Hot Air Balloon Chair
        Couple Waltz Emote
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