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Announcement Patch Note [Patch Notes] Patch 1.0.20 Fast X, Bloody Hunter Event and more!


May 19, 2018
Hello AdeptGamers,

We have put together a small global drop event for you to farm over the next month as a thank you for sticking with us and being patient through the worst times.
and we have brought you some QoL updates, bugfixing and more.

The Global Drop Event: Bloody Hunter's
Will last for 2 patching periods (about 4 weeks)




  • Added a Global drop [Bloody Hunter Scrap] (fairly low rate)
  • Added Bloody Hunter event cosmetics that can be exchanged for Bloody Hunter Scrap's at the Dragon Lord Shrine in Odellia.
  • Updated Dragon Lord Shrine rewards.
    - B23 Pitch Dark Prison Scroll = 10 Scraps
    - Drakos Fl.47 Scroll = 20 Scraps
    - Angel's Feather = 10 Scraps
    - Bloody Hunter's Costume Piece = 20 Scraps (Each)
    - Bloody Hunter's Wings = 30 Scraps
    - Bloody Zauharant = 50 Scraps
    - Bloody Shield/Talisman/Kickball = 15 Scraps
    - Bloody Hunter's Face Style Item [Human] = 3 Scraps
    - Event Megaphone = 2 Scraps

Added many missing weapon costumes into the cosmetics section of the cash shop for 5CC
  • Bright Saber
  • One-Handed Cleaner
  • Cheap Bat
  • Chocolate Cookie
  • Boss's Golf Club
  • Chainsaw
  • Two-Handed Cleaner
  • Royal Racket
  • Ice Cream
  • Pink Umbrella
  • Magic Wand
  • Ribboned Fork
  • Witch's Broomstick
  • Owl Staff
  • Golden Magic Staff
  • Poop Stick
  • Skewered Barbeque
  • Restricted Area Sign
  • Candlestick Spear
  • Red Moon Spear
  • Octopus Bow
  • Cupid Bow
  • Plumber Bow
  • Black Bow Gun
  • Frog Crossbow
  • Fishbone Crossbow
  • Dryer Crossbow
  • Black Circle Gun
  • Love Bag
  • Gourd
  • Three-Potato Skewer
  • Hook
  • Iron Saw
  • Super Pincers
  • Potato Skewer
  • Steel Food Tray

Cash Shop:
  • Changed prices of CC
    - 1 cc = 15 cash
    - 5 cc = 75 cash
    - 10 cc = 150 cash
    - 50 cc = 675 cash ( 10%)
    - 100 cc = 1200 cash ( 20%)
  • Exp Lock Card added for 0 cash under Adept > Page 2
  • Added all missing hairstyles
  • Fixed Boomerang Shot attack scaling on Summoner
  • Reduced Ninja Dagger Mana cost: 5% max mana -> 1.5% max mana

  • Changed stacksize of account vault exntension from 1 to 99
  • Changed stacksize of Guild Vault Inventory Expansion from 999 to 99
  • Changed inventory type of Guild Vault Inventory Expansion from cons to IM
  • Upgraded "Macro" checkbox to perform true "Fast X Attack", with and without Chain Combo
  • Exp Lock Card is now 1 copper instead of 50gold when buying from daisy.
  • Increased Stack size of some consumables including Cake/Yogurt/Match Sticks to 9999
  • Added Elga Medal @ Khairy's Shop in Black Claw Nest Outpost

  • Changed the level of bone dragon weapon quests to 60
  • Disabled Valentines / Cookie Factory quests

  • Swf Cutscene's have been Removed (Flash Error)
  • Fixed held position of Zauharant staff so it is no longer floating out of the hand (Applies to Bloody Zauharant too)
  • Fixed Bone Wings of Priest not showing
  • Changed the Login music to the correct one
  • Fixed Vanshi Gorge spawn point when using the Warp Tower.
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Feb 16, 2021
Sadly another event without the chance of any gear-progression. Besides cosmetics of course.
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Sep 25, 2017
Sadly another event without of any gear-progression. Besides cosmetics of course.
Except you can use scraps for VC/Drakos scrolls which contributes towards gear progression and Angel Feathers help you farm Elga.

I would argue that it is a helping hand without a complete carry.


Oct 20, 2016
I expected nothing, so I'm fine.
Don't like it, don't play.

This is an event, it was not a progression patch clearly. There are other things that have to be worked on before we start doing expansion content, which takes time and we are having to get our mapper situated again.

In general, you've basically kind of acted like an entitled child, and if you continue to do so I'll just ban you as I have no intention of dealing with it, and I won't make the staff put up with you.



Oct 20, 2016
Request for bringing back the event 'Global drop [Bloody Hunter Scrap]' again :D
The server is on hiatus, and is going to be shutdown once Fiso has gotten further along on re-developing the new server.


Oct 20, 2016
shutting down this server forever ? and release new server ?

The scope of the existing server is not manageable with the resources that the team currently has, and some decisions were not ones that were fully agreed with. Much of what was done on this server will apply to the new server some what, but there are a lot of things that will likely be changed.


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Dec 16, 2020
thats sad to hear :c .btw when new server open people who already have char will have to start from beginning or they can play with their previous char?


Oct 20, 2016
thats sad to hear :c .btw when new server open people who already have char will have to start from beginning or they can play with their previous char?
They will need to start over as there are going to be changes to gear progression, and also game progression.

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