Announcement Remade Uber Tristram and New Uber Bosses

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    Aug 20, 2019
    With the new items imbued with empowered bonuses available, an equal rise in power was necessary for the famous endgame location of Uber Tristram. New bosses arrive to inform you that you aren't as unstoppable as you feel. Without more blabbering, here are some screens: (kind of hard to take them when I'm dead faster than I push the button sometimes)

    The sandstorm:
    Nasty caster killer:
    This guy completely freezes you, then finishes off your helpless remnants:
    This screenshot sucks, but can't make a better one because when I try to I die instantly:
    And here is something for Doctor Who fans:
    If you know what it is supposed to do, it really does it. REALLY. I died afterwards before I reacted.

    That's it folks. Have a nice day.
    (No, the character is not cheated, the mod blocks almost all cheats. I welcome cheaters to try :D)
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