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    Server features:
    The maximum level right now 50
    Exp x2
    Tps x1
    Drop x1

    3 races (human, elf, dwarf)
    3 classes (when you reach level 20/20 you can take the third class)
    Retouched Instances (mobs Hp x2, Defenses x2)
    New items (pvp equipment, weapons, skins, etc ...)
    New mounts (new mini table runic, sled, camel, etc ...)
    New NPCs (Buffer, Sir wheel of fortune, etc ...)
    New events / zone (treasure chests area, training zone, new world bosses, etc ...)
    New PvP zone, according to character level (50-54, 55-59, 60-69,70-79, 80-89, 90-99)
    New Arenas (Crystal arena, king of warnorken, 2vs2) to enter required lvl 50 in all arenas.
    Classes and skills balanced or improved (priest / warrior skills readjusted, priest / explorer skill rising tide instant, etc ...)

    To start with your character will give you [Magic Lot] open it to get:
    [Random Mount (7 days)] possibility of 1 permanent mount
    [Mount Speed Potion (7 days)]
    [Back pack (7 days)]
    And a new lot of level 2, going up to level 30, where you will be giving varied items from the article store.

    Zone PvP lvl 50
    News NPCs
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