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    May 13, 2016
    Tomorrow 05.26 there will be maintenance to implement new patch
    Server maintenance at 09:00 CET and it will take around 2h.

    With the new patch comes a big change, now it will have a folder in \documents called \ROM myths.
    Where from now on you will save your macros, interface and configuration of game addons.
    Before going to play, copy the files that are in the \Documents\Runes of Magic folder inside the
    \Documents\ROM myths folder, so you will not lose the interface configuration, adoons, macros of your characters.

    Content of the new patch:
    • Level up to 57
    • Dalanis map
    • Instance Dungeon of Dalanis
    • Mobs in dungeon of dalanis increased: easy x1.5, normal x2.5
    • New drop wodjin adden
    • Npc sell equip for proof of myth
    • Class mage:
      Fenix skill has been modified, before 120, now it has a rank of 150, and x0,15 Intelligence, damage uploaded, before 55 now 60.
    • Implemented new items / mounts / pets / skins / npcs / mobs.
    • Translated and implemented all events / items / skills / npcs of TW, JP, VN, KR.
    • Remastered the graphics of dalanis, to try to avoid those crashs.
    • Maids of the house activated

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