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    On June 19th we did a soft-launch of our Swordsman Online server to find any game breaking bugs, figure out what rates we're going to use, and to also look at what issues there with the current server. After several weeks of testing, we have hopefully tracked down most of the major issues, and have made some progress into researching and fixing many of them.

    One big change that we have made to the vanilla experience of the game is to create a progressive rate system to fix the exponential difficulty in leveling at different caps. Our current rate system looks like the following:
    We are hoping that these rates alleviate some of the pain points that existed with the official game, but also keep the experience enjoyable for those that enjoy the act of leveling (the masochists that they are).

    We are still in very early testing for the server, though players should be fine to play on the server and help us find any bugs to report on the forum. We are also looking for suggestions or input on what would make the game better than it was previously. If you have any bugs or suggestions, feel free to post them here: Bug Reports & Suggestions (Or Bug Reports & Suggestions if you use the Swordsman site).

    To download for the game, register an account or redeem free Sycee during the testing period please go to this link and follow the directions: Swordsman Online
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