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    After a lot of discussion between the team we have decided to shutdown the Swordsman server, at least temporarily. Due to the nature of the game bugs that we have been dealing with, and that we've not been able to narrow it down in ~7 months and because there is not a current active player base, it makes more sense to shut down and then re-develop the internals of the game before bringing it back up.

    We will be saving all the current game data and databases, but due to how we will have to re-work and up grade a lot of the internal systems and codebase of the game, it may not be compatible in the future. As such we cannot promise that current characters will be usable. That said, all purchases are maintained separately and will be re-imbursed when we re-launch with equivalent purchased products.

    The server will be going offline at the end of the month as there are not many active players.
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