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Announcement Developer Update Taking the next steps in the Experimental Alpha


May 19, 2018
Hello AdeptGamers,

It has been two months since we have changed from being on hiatus to an experimental alpha, introducing two new features: Account Quests and Master Mode (for Drakos). In a following update we added Enchant Pity and Failover Successrates which enable smoother enchanting and help to remove some P2W aspects by implementing custom mat requirements. While I'm not finished with balancing changes or feature additions so things will be changing in the future, we are happy to say that we have mostly received positive feedback and have been taking player opinions and suggestions into account for our future updates.

Since the last update I have been working on a large patch that will consist of three large patches which will help to flesh out new areas and add more depth to the gameplay. Here is an overview of what I currently have planned, though this will be subject to change as we get player feedback, and we continue to experiment.
  1. Two “new” (reused) continents (currently without quests) for Lv. 80+ and the Element Overhaul, which includes:
    1. The new elemental damage and calculation system
    2. Four old Element dungeons
    3. Chapter 1/2 VanCliff with possibility to upgrade Lv. 60 Bone Sets and Weapon to stronger Elemental versions
    4. A possible patch later on for production hammers to use elemental cards
  2. Added quests for the continent and potentially new dungeons and visual updates on maps (tbd)
  3. Production system re-introduced
    1. Potentially reworking aspects or altering the currently existing system
While we implement these changes, we will be watching for player feedback and suggestions and focus on fixing bugs and considering our next steps.

Thank you for your patience.
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