Guide What to know before entering the new PvP

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    is located in the Tp of Varanas

    Sin título.

    To Enter we will have 4 buffs to choose, we can only have 2
    PV % PM %

    Sin títuasflo.

    PvP is not allowed to use potions,
    but we will have a curator lamp in all resurrection points,
    we will also have an npc to sell / buy / repair

    Sinasfgga título.

    When killing a mobs we will get coin of the power and a PVP PACK
    will be inside a bag that falls in the ground,
    CAUTION because the players can steal the bag (loot)

    Sin tsssssssítulo.

    Is at the end of the Varanas bridge :

    Sin títuasssssslo.
    Jamie :
    we will get a Gasha by giving him a frogster coins + legendary treasure key
    frogster coins aq. ( drop event chest (npc kekone) or Pack PVP)
    Maid :
    coin of the power is exchanged for honor points
    we also have an option to group purified fusion stones (pfs)
    i need a gift box of purified melting stone to group them together.

    Here you can see the types of BLUE PvP equipment !!!

    Sin títuloss.
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