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    The next 16th of march.....

    Sirloth has been using the Zurhidon to bolster his might and they carry out his evil plans and create bizarre creatures for his use. Challenge them to battle, bring down mighty creatures and call upon the Demon Lord. If you reach this far, there is only one confrontation to survive before you must face the Demon Lord

    Zurhidon 5.

    The difficulty of the dungeon has been increased.....
    Give your best or die trying.....

    Zurhidon 3.

    New gear and new stats are waiting....

    Come to the Naga acropolis where Sirloth is preparing his troops for victory over Taborea. Destroy him and save Taborea. If you manage to survive the onslaught of four mighty bosses, you’ll come face-to-face with the Demon Lord himself.

    DS naos.

    Naos....The first boss you will find on the dungeon....

    DS rampa.
    Fight with terrible patrols to get to Sirloth.....

    DS sirloth.

    Fight Sirloth, the Demon Lord and free Taborea!!!

    Patch notes:

    Hall of the Survivors now can be farmed as much as you want, u now will be able to get your gear much easily to fight on Zurhidon Stronghold and Hall of the Demon Lord.

    Opening the 16th of march!!!!!
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    Thank you for the hard work, I can't wait to get to it!
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    Thank you very much. Looking forward the new content.
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