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  1. Jean Irvi
  2. Donna Q Vazquez
    Donna Q Vazquez
  3. Shannon Dorsey
  4. MonjePowah
  5. Thunderstorm
    Thunderstorm DarkFang
    Hello scary man :D
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  6. Silver
    I like eggplants.
  7. Reo
    Yare Yare ~
  8. Necrofer
    Atravesando todas las rutas de Taborea en busca de todo conocimiento.
  9. Minor
  10. Amber Thompson
    Amber Thompson
    enjoying the dragons prophet server oh my goodness so many dragons <3
  11. 3 for #2
    3 for #2
    We cant #2 :(
  12. Lalolalo9
    Evasio in-game
  13. aloisio89
    aloisio89 Motoko
    Hello Mokoto, i love your teexture changes for Dragon Prophet, and i want to know how you find the textures on game folders? i want to make my game more opmized, changing the all textures with more light textures to improve FPS... thank you for attention.
  14. Lordfinaldragon
    Im a Dragon meow
  15. carlos felipe
    carlos felipe
  16. MasterNag
    MasterNag Seiichi
    Hi Seii is there any way of making more toon slot's as i dont like deleting any of my toon's and i have fill all 6 already ?
  17. Trillex
  18. Little Wolfy
    Little Wolfy
    I like applesauce :3
  19. Rceelilie
    Got my apartment and my first nest! Things are just a rocking now!
  20. sarcosis