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Privacy Policy

Who we are?

Adept Gamer LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vernox Group (http://vernox.net). If you have any complaints or comments about our Privacy Policy please email [email protected]. If you wish to remove data from this site please contact [email protected].

What information do we collect?

  • We collect data when you access one of our websites or log in to one of our game servers.
  • We will collect your IP address, MAC address and time of connection for each time you connect to one of our services.
  • We collect data from Vernox, Facebook, Google, and Discord. This information is governed by each of their own privacy policies.
  • All financial information is processed by Xsolla, Paypal and CoinPayments. You may contact those companies to view their privacy policies.
  • We may also collect your name, e-mail address, IP address and payment type to be stored for fraud detection.

How do we use personal information?

Data Collected by us is used for the following

  • personalization of content, business information and user experience
  • account set up and administration
  • delivering marketing and events communication
  • carrying out polls and surveys
  • internal research and development purposes
  • providing goods and services
  • legal obligations (prevention of fraud)

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

The following processing conditions for legally holding your data that we have are below:

  • consent
  • legitimate interests
  • legal obligation

All consent given data may be retracted by contacting us at [email protected].

We have legitimate interests for collection of data including IP address, MAC address, and time of connection to prevent abuse of our systems and prevent data breaches.

All legal obligation data is detailed below:

  • IP Address
  • Mac Address
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Screen Name

This data is saved for preventing money laundering as well as fraud detection.

When do we share personal data?

We only share payment data with our payment processors. All other data is only shared with government entities that have a legal request for the data.

Where do we store and process personal data?

Data is stored in multiple locations, including the following countries:

  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Japan

How do we secure personal data?

We use the following technologies to prevent data loss:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for our websites.
  • Internal user account control for all employees that prevents unauthorized personal from accessing sensitive systems.
  • All data is backed up hourly and is stored remotely from the primary processing server. Remote backups are encrypted and stored in a physically secure environment.
  • All staff that has access to personal data will be trained in proper use and storage of personal data.
  • All inter company transfers are encrypted.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

All consent given data is stored for as long as you remain a user of our services or until you request for that data to be removed. All other data is stored indefinitely.

Your rights in relation to personal data

  • You may contact us for personal information that we process.
  • Should you find some of the data is incorrect you may request we correct it or delete the data.
  • You may withdraw consent by sending an email to [email protected].
  • All data that was processed with legitimate interests or legal interests will not be removed.
  • lodging a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office

Data that is requested to be removed will be removed from all copies with in 30 days from the time the request was processed. Active use data is removed within 24 hours.

We will not delete any data you request to be deleted that is required to be stored by law.

How to contact us?

You may contact us at [email protected] for privacy related issues.

If you have legal issues you may contact us at