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Suggestion Dragon armor to fix a gross injustice.

I know that we don't have the means to make custom meshes yet, but bear with me. You reading? Okay, okay. Check it out. This here is Hazul:


People call it a horse (even outright in certain languages of the game) but... is it really? No, of course not. This is no mere horse as it is CLEARLY a shrimp. You can see the resemblance, the game company was just trying to pull the wool over our eyes all this time. Never trust an asset flipper; their whole business is making one thing into another while it stays essentially the same, they knew what they were doing.


Now, in a game where this armor set can exist for players, we clearly need something equally hideous for the dragons. I propose that, some time in the future, we get some food-based armors up in here. This could be fun in general for people to collect, especially that subset of players that really enjoy swapping between themed costumes, but also so we can acquire some horrible, lumpy yellow-ish abomination that can be placed on Hazul so he can get the tempura coating he so desperately craves and deserves.


thank you for coming to my presentation

10 Year Haitus

Wow. After all this time, Dragon's Prophet still has a special place in my memories. I'll give this server a shot an see if I can reclaim my former glory!

I'm not sure the rules for posting links yet, so for now I'll leave the title to the last video I made of this game:
Dragon's Prophet PvP - master of masteries

Couple of questions

Back to playing after a while away, and started a new character with a friend who has never played. I have realized I have forgotten a ton, so sorry for the silly questions.

1) How do you expand your stable/lair without using the expansion cards that come in the starter pack? I want to save them for the more expensive slots, not use them on the one that costs 1 diamond.

2) Can you gift diamonds? I would like to be able to help my friend at least unlock all the stable/lair slots and some storage. She is making sure to get the forum daily credits, but those take a while to build up.

Thank you!

Conquer "Fear" quest in Paeon Farm

I am doing quests at Paeon Farm, and it has been a long while since I have done these. Alchemist Julie has a quest line involving the Fearsom Doom dragon. I am at the part where it says "add catalyst when producing ring of the fearless or another item" but catalyst is a market item. Do you have to buy catalyst to do this quest? How do you complete this quest?

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Oh and tried making catalyst via refinement and making an item with it, it didn't advance the quest. She doesn't give the recipe for the ring, so have no idea what to do.

Helloo :D

finally went and made an account here! My names Frostmint, that you can hopefully read as my username :D
I love DP, it's a core memory game for me, super hype that theres people that care so much about it! Thank you guys ^^
Well, as you could probably tell, dragons are my life! Excited to shoot questions etc round here, or read some informational threads too.

Dragons be with you all :>


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