We are having another 50% Cash Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Monday at 11:59 AM CET.

You can purchase Cash here.
We have been dealing with a larger than normal DDoS attack for the last week, and it got larger today. It also was not helped by our data center doing some maintenance, putting us on a slightly smaller connection temporarily, which has been the cause of larger disconnections.

Due to the way that Dragon's Prophet is designed, it is very susceptible to DDoS attacks and is something that we are going to be looking at to optimize in the near future. Currently I have been looking at and...
Update: The maintenance has been extended due to some issue in the background.
Update: Maintenance is done, have fun!

Hello AdeptGamers,

At 2:00 CEST (in 30 minutes), the game will shut down for the new Patch.
The maintenance may take up to 4 hours, it may be longer or shorter depending on how things go.

Patch notes can be found here: Announcement - [Patch Notes] Stat Reworks and New...
Hello AdeptGamers, it is time (again)

Remember the true scaling patch? Well, this one is 5 times bigger, or even more.
Just to have a quick update: I were busy irl with civil service until the end of June and had a little break. Overall I have been working 3 months on this update including all the planning and execution. This patch is a whole new take in the balancement of DragonSaga/Dragonica, it is entirely new territory and focuses on giving classes back their identities opening up new...
We are going to aim for releasing the source code update for the end of August, or early September. Hopefully there will not be an unforeseen changes needed or delays, but currently we are on track for our original schedule.

The scope of the update has not changed, but I will be included it here so that people can see what is currently planned:

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