Before people panic, this isn't due to anything serious, but more to allow Dragon and myself time to actually sort out how we're going to handle translations.

Originally we were going to use a platform called Weblate, but it is an absolute mess (like most things made with Python) and it just was not worth the effort or time that I was putting in to trying to get it work.

We're since moved on to trying a new self-hosted called Tradoura (traduora: translation...
We are having another 30% Cash Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Monday at 11:59 AM CET.

You can purchase Cash here.
We will be having our weekly routine maintenance at 7 PM PST Monday evening. During the maintenance we will be doing the following:
  • Routine maintenance
Maintenance generally lasts between 1-2 hours, though we will announce in the Discord if it will take longer. You can join our Discord by going here: Join the AdeptGamer Discord Server!
This is a long overdue announcement, and is somewhat been putting it off due to the decision we were going to have to make on botting.


In regards to Macros, we are tentatively allowing them within reason. You are able to use AutoIt or other macros if they are for quality of life improvements, such as egg cares, powder usage or other tedious repetitive tasks that cannot be considered as botting. If your macro could be confused with a bot,...
We are having another 30% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Sunday at 11:59 PST.

You can purchase Diamonds here.
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