Due to the DDoS attack that we have been dealing with since late May we had to delay our plans for the source code update as we wanted to focus on getting server stability back under control, which we mostly have now. We are still undergoing a large scale DDoS, but the load balancing and other changes we have made has mostly handled the major issues we had. We may still get a few issues once in a while, but those are generally related to the DDoS mitigation service.

Currently we are aiming...
We are having another 30% Cash Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Monday at 11:59 AM CET.

You can purchase Cash here.
We will be having our weekly routine maintenance at 7 PM PST Monday evening. During the maintenance we will be doing the following:

This server will be longer than normal more than likely.

We are adding an additional server to the current infrastructure to add some additional load balancing, as well as to move away services such as SQL that have been affected by the ongoing DDoS. This should help to return the server to it's normal performance, though we have some additional ideas...
We are having another 30% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Sunday at 11:59 PST.

You can purchase Diamonds here.
In an effort to be transparent, I am letting people know that we have had a leak of user login credentials for the Dragon Saga server. This is due to Paris taking unknown backups of an older database, binaries and source code without our knowledge and storing them on her Mega account when stepped down from our team, which was then compromised. We had known about the leak of binaries and source code, but were unaware that a backup containing credentials had also been leaked. I became aware of...
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