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Incorrect Placement error message

On May 1st I logged in and went to login rewards where I clicked on the server trumpet that was the day's reward. I immediately began receiving an "Incorrect Placement" error message which flashes on my screen every 3 seconds or so. I have searched my pack for any server trumpets that are out of place but can't find any, and have deleted most of the server trumpets that were there, but to no avail. Logging out/in does not remove the error message. Suggestions?

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Suggestion Monthly Marketplace Dragons

Any chance to get the following dragon eggs added to the monthly marketplace:
(not necessarily all at the same time)
(they are not available for sale in regular Dragon Egg section, or I would have already bought them).

Azure Snow (skytouched)
Darksteel (paragon)
Elelendh (fabled ancient)

Thank you for your consideration.

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Bug Report Falling into Consus cave boss room from above

Long story short there's a fun way to jump to the top of Consus cave. When your up there, you are able to access the boss room from the room in a opening under and left of the tree. This has been reported before. But I don't think anyone goes into this cave ever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm wondering what are the corrective procedures mentioned in the Anti-Cheat Mechanism, I just got out of combat and logged out so I couldn't figure that out.

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Bug Report Delay

There is always a feeling of lag when playing games. My region is Taiwan. I want to ask about the server location

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Announcement Developer Update Notice of downtime until launch

Hello AdeptGamers

Today at 6 PM CEST the servers will go down in completion of the public experimental server.

After taking down the server, we will slowly prepare the server for its release.
In the upcoming time, you will see an announcement on various forums (including here of course) presenting our server and features.

Notice that some changes and fine tuning will be made during the downtime so your experience at launch may be different from the testing phase. A lot of the changes will be written down on the release patch.

About the release date: It will NOT be in May. I will take my time since there still are a few number-changes and adjustments to be made that aren't crucial to test.

Thank you for testing and being with us along the entire way.


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