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Helloo :D

finally went and made an account here! My names Frostmint, that you can hopefully read as my username :D
I love DP, it's a core memory game for me, super hype that theres people that care so much about it! Thank you guys ^^
Well, as you could probably tell, dragons are my life! Excited to shoot questions etc round here, or read some informational threads too.

Dragons be with you all :>

Suggestion Monthly Marketplace Dragons

the marketplace used to have gachas for sale (when the server was new)....i would now buy the paragon and skyhammer dragon gachas for a chance to get the ones i need.

The only dragons i'm currently buying (occasionally) are duplicates of ones i already have...but to get the titles for them. But i've already completed stars for them in the dragon compendium.

Suggestion Monthly Marketplace Dragons

I haven't gotten any new dragons in months. I already have all but those 3, that only come in gachas, to complete stars in dragon compendium.
Use your magic to either clone me or extend the amount of time I have to work on things.

Outside of programming the new system (which I need to plan for the developer), I will have to either have the developer convert the data to a database for easier searching or I will need to manually pull a list of dragons we will sell.

I then have to manually set up any of the criteria that would be used for each possible dragon, and also multiple variants.


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