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  1. Amber Thompson
    Amber Thompson
    enjoying the dragons prophet server oh my goodness so many dragons <3
  2. 3 for #2
    3 for #2
    We cant #2 :(
  3. Lalolalo9
    Evasio in-game
  4. aloisio89
    aloisio89 Motoko
    Hello Mokoto, i love your teexture changes for Dragon Prophet, and i want to know how you find the textures on game folders? i want to make my game more opmized, changing the all textures with more light textures to improve FPS... thank you for attention.
  5. Lordfinaldragon
    Im a Dragon meow
  6. carlos felipe
    carlos felipe
  7. MasterNag
    MasterNag Seiichi
    Hi Seii is there any way of making more toon slot's as i dont like deleting any of my toon's and i have fill all 6 already ?
  8. Trillex
  9. Little Wolfy
    Little Wolfy
    I like applesauce :3
  10. Rceelilie
    Got my apartment and my first nest! Things are just a rocking now!
  11. sarcosis
  12. Wolf
    Tis I, the frenchiest fry (◕◡◕✿)
  13. Luna Winters
  14. Kyonor
    Kyonor Seiichi
    Hi u can help me to install the patch bcz I tried to install it but I can't log in
  15. ShadowSun
    derpin around at the speed of sound
  16. sarcosis
    idk how to login doh
  17. ChuckNorris
  18. Hellcat
  19. Patrik
    Sup, Arctic here
  20. Saintbeast
    Imm bored :O