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    Table of Contents
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 Attributes
    1.3 Skills
    1.4 Combo

    1.1 Introduction

    "Rangers are exceptional marksmen who prefer to engage their foes at a distance. Their uncanny speed and heightened senses allow them to strike first and with deadly precision. Through excellent positioning and battlefield control they are capable of dispatching even the toughest aggressor. Rangers employ an arsenal of ranged weapons including guns and bows." - Character Creation

    In this guide, I will be covering on Rangers w/ Traps that does insane damage, also being the best Damage Per Sec ( DPS ) on bosses. This build doesn't only works on PVE, but also PVP instead. The reason why this guide is being proposed was because of players doesn't really look up into Traps and some even say that the radius of the Traps are very small which this guide will prove that Traps are the best PVE skills for Rangers.

    1.2 Attributes

    As in every game, setting your attribute points in the right way, will help your character a lot. I'm going to explain what I'm using and why, but of course you can still set your own.

    1 Strength increases your Physical Damage by +2 and your Physical Defence by +1​

    1 Point of Constitution increases your Health by +12, your HP Regeneration by +0.25 and your in-combat HP Regeneration by +0.01​

    1 Point of Ferocity increases your Critical Hit Rate by +2 and your Critical Hit Power by +1. Ferocity also increases our Dragon Spell Damage part many of our skills.​

    1 Point of Intelligence increases your Magic Damage by +2 and your Magic Defence by +1​

    1 Point of Focus increases your Physical Defence by +5.42 and your Armour Penetration by +2. In addition to that, Focus increases the Elemental Damage part of many of our skills.​

    Charisma increases the uptime of your dragons, their attributes and it makes it easier to capture dragons.​

    Dragon Affinity
    1 Point of Dragon Affinity increases your Magic Defence by +5 and your Magic Penetration by +2

    In Dragon Prophet, attributes building is random and goes well on increasing which stats you would need cause every attribute were never useless. These are some of my recommended builds.

    Pure PVE DPS Highly Recommended for PVE
    Full Ferocity
    This build highly focus on DPS for PVE and because of that you'd have a not only damage but also high critical chance + critical damage as well.

    PVP & PVE Ranger

    2 Ferocity | 1 Focus
    This build is for those who mainly focus on PVE and some PVP damage as Focus increases your Armor Penetration which would do decent amount of damage towards tankers as well.

    Companion PVE

    2 Ferocity | 1 Charisma
    Due to Rangers not having healing skills (Not Dragon Soul Skills), Rangers would need some Ferocity to have some damage output, also the companion would also be a part of either DPS or Tank (Recommend Tank) to help you out while farming.

    1.3 Masteries

    The skills I would recommend are as below

    Basic Masteries
    Draconic Convergence 10/10
    Draconic Heritage 10/10
    Crushing Blow 10/10
    Strength Training 10/10
    Weapon Masteries
    Bow Mastery 10/10
    Wind Blast 5/10
    Piercing Thunder 5/10
    Thorny Trap 5/10
    Fiery Trap 10/10
    Dexterity 10/10
    Apocalypse Sphere 5/10
    Aesthetics of Violence 10/10
    Dragon God Masteries
    Lonnier 1/1
    Violent Sanction 10/10
    Wings of Fury 5/10
    Energy Sentence 5/10
    Dragon Gnaw 10/10

    Increases your Damage output as well as Ferocity
    Increases your Ferocity
    Active Skills
    Piercing Thunder
    Main DPS skill, also the best bossing skill to use
    Apocalypse Sphere + Dragon Gnaw
    2nd Best AOE Skill
    Do not use until you've used Thorny Trap or Violent Sanction on the mobs / boss
    Violent Sanction
    You only need this for the extra damage and knockdown
    Use after Thorny Trap's stun is near end
    Wings of Fury
    Only needed to replesh Dragon Soul
    Use when boss / mobs hp are too high
    Energy Sentence
    Best follow up after Piercing
    Line AOE and use when mobs / boss's hp are too high
    Don't waste Dragon Soul on this
    Wind Blast
    Damage and Decreases Movement Speed
    Kiting Skill
    Thorny + Fiery Traps
    Use Thorny Traps first to stun then spam all Fiery Traps for the main AOE damage
    1.4 Combo
    Group all the mobs together and spam the skills on the first mobs with the skills as followed

    Thorny Trap > Fiery Traps > Violent Sanction > Apocalypse Sphere > Wind Blast > Repeat

    Thank You
    for your time
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    Cool guide! Never tried a ranger. Might want to try one at some point.
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    Nov 17, 2016
    Thank you for the Guide since i am trying out ranger for a change hopefully they change the price of the masteries for gold coins costs
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    No problem, glad it would help you guys :)
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    hey uhm just a recommendation: Wings of Fury 10/10 (DS Recovery version) it goes to a free cast skill
    just a recommendation from an old NA player ^^
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    Apr 30, 2017

    after trying to build this version of ranger

    u noticed that u spend 31 points in God masteries didnt you?
    We just have 26 :D
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    Very good guide. There is one thing I thought I should mention though. In regards to
    Charisma no longer makes it easier to capture dragons, and hasn't since not to long after open beta. It does increase their attributes and summon time.

    To make it easier to capture dragons you need DI, i.e. Dragon Influence, which is found only on jewelry - necklaces, earrings, and rings.
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    We need i can too make a Gunblade Guide(pvp),or whisper CaptanJackSparow ingame pve too
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    Jul 5, 2017
    Thank you so much for this guide, it's really helpful and I'll be using it while I build up my first ranger :D

    I noticed this part of the post and wanted to know if you could elaborate:

    Does this mean that we "roll" a random base stat attribute every time we create a character, but peak stats are still influenced by class? Or that every time we level a random amount is added to each stat that could be different with every player, level, or stat? It would be great to know about the behind the scenes RNG of character stats!​