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May 15, 2022
Hello AdeptGamer community (players, moderators, game masters, and admins alike). I'll be introducing myself as Macaveli.

Like many of you I love to play games. I'm competitive, I talk a lot of shit, but most importantly i really enjoy playing games with my friends. I especially love "9Dragons". I've been playing the game for almost as long as its been introduced to the North American and European continents. My passion for this game is as passionate as Kanye West at the VMAs lol.

I read a post on another forum from a Mr."S4V4N" not too long ago. He was asking if my community would've liked to have seen a 9Dragons2 server. I'm not sure where I was at the time but I would love to revisit this conversation and give my little input. I'm not here to boast about my many 9dragons world heavyweight championship belts, to ask for server files, or to ask for any positions in your staff. I am just a genuine 9dragons player who would love to see this game get its proper flowers.

The actual concept, content, and actual gameplay of the original 9D is actually genius (for its time of course lol). Its team-oriented, but you can also play solo (whether PvP or PvE). It's simple so you don't have to bust your brain trying to figure out how to play, but if you learn the little intricate tricks or details it'll feel like you're walking on water. I'm rambling at this point but I really do love this game. After looking at the screenshot of 9Dragons2 I've fallen in love all over.

Yes we would love a 9D2 server. If your devs are excited to get it done then I'm even more excited to hear that. I know our current community has enough players/veterans to be able to get a Quality Assurance team together. You said you'd be able to have freedom with new features and mechanics...that's actually perfect bcus the original game is actually unfinished as well.

At this point I'm drooling at the mouth lol. I've thrown a few pebbles recently and they've been gliding across the water. Hopefully I'm lucky this time and can get a response. Again, I'm not looking for files, positioning, nor am I here to say I'm the best 9D player ever, I'm just a guy who loves this game and would to see you guys have a crack at it. It was tried before and I know it can definitely be successful now.

P.S I know a lot of people in that other thread I was talking about kept mentioning the advertising issue but I actually have a brilliant million dollar idea I'm willing to give away for the love of this game. If I've stirred any waters I wasn't supposed to then I apologize, but if this message reached you guys then please, please consider it. Like I said I have plenty ideas I'm willing to give away at a moments notice.

Thank you for noticing our community and giving us hope. Enjoy your day AdeptG.


Oct 20, 2016
What is 9dragon2?
It's a martial arts MMO that we had considered working on at one point, but the community was fairly toxic and we decided against pursuing it.

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