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Coming back home

I used to play this game back when I was in middle school, I loved the aspect of the game of running around exploring the world, taming new dragon's and competing in dragon tournaments. It was my absolute favorite game in the world.

I remember my 9th grade year that the announcement that Dragon's Prophet NA server is getting shut down, and I was so upset. Countless hours grinding eggs and gear and recently got my Dragon God abilities. But with a heavy heart I laid down my sword and put my dragon's to rest.

Couple years later I was scrolling through games on steam to find the EU server of dragon's prophet. I was absolutely ecstatic and immediately downloaded the game again and came back into the world of Dragon's Prophet. Sadly shortly after the game shut down for good, and I was upset I'll never get to experience the game again.

Within the last week or so of November/beginning of December I've been thinking about the game a lot, and how much I wish I could play the game again. And I found videos of AdeptGamer Dragon's Prophet. I was very skeptical that I was going to get a virus and a bunch of other stuff. But in the end I tried it, and to my surprise it worked! I've only been playing a couple days now, but I'm having a blast re-exploring the world and taming dragon's again!

Its nice to be home again. I pray that this server never gets shut down so finally I can experience the whole game!

Got a cool purple egg!

Just wanted to show this to you guys here. I looked up the two listed possible dragons, and Cobalt Lightning appeals to me the most so far.

But first, I gotta work toward having more slots for dragons... I like my current 4 basic dragons a lot. And I've already spent a lot of time on them at this point, haha.

I'm excited!

[And since I just got a minor procedure done today, I'll be happy to chill and play tons on this game while I let the stitched area rest for the next week or two.]

Update: I clutched on the last bit of the shells I needed from daily quests, and got a lair slot! Going to try keeping up that pace so I can have more dragons, finally. And invest in the full row for that dragon storage in the lair.

Maybe dumb question

I've been peeking at the Costumes tab in my character menu a few times and tried to move a low stat (but nice-looking) gear piece into the slots (as I would in the other MMOs I play when doing cosmetics/transmutations). It didn't work, haha.

Is it only for items that would be tagged as costume or cosmetic? Or is there something I don't know about "costuming" yet? 🤔 I just got a nice cloak I like the look of and can see myself wearing for a while. But it's lower stats than my current one and won't have practical longevity.

I'm also curious what the costume storage is and how to store in it. My current guess from looking at it, is that the one you have selected just auto-saves what's put in the menu and you'll switch from one set to the other seamlessly?

(It seems the search function doesn't work here - so sadly I cannot easily seek out posts that mention costumes in them. -sweats-)

Thank you in advanced for being patient and helping out here for something fairly unimportant in the grand scheme of things!

How to get to Arboran's airship?

This city is cool, but like a massive maze to me. Reminding me of how confusing Limsa (from FFXIV) and some Pokemon game cities will be for me too. I haven't found a visual guide to point me in the right direction to the airship for the main quest. I'm stumped...

It seems like there's an upper level I have to go to, but I have no idea where that entry-way would be. Help?
I'll head to bed anyways as it's late. Will check back on this tomorrow. 👍

Hello! Nostalgic, Past Player Here

I was thinking of this game again recently and itching to tame/collect dragons - but didn't think I could play it anymore since I heard the original servers shut down. (The little money I scraped up in high school to get more dragon slots, gone 2 or so years later. -sighs-)

I tend to be wary of joining fan servers, but I decided to see if any exist for Dragon's Prophet just so I can at least re-experience the game after so many years of being gone from it. I'll miss my original, old account with my dragons I had and loved, but ah well.

So, after a few days of enjoying my time on this revival of probably the only dragon-taming MMO out there to this day, I'll say hello here! Hope everyone's doing well. No idea how long my obsession will last, but I hope to stick around a while.

You'll see me wandering around as "Katriel" - just reached level 30 tonight. I love the Windrider fellas a lot and am thinking about drawing some of the dragons in this game soon!

Good Day/Night!

New player here. I've played many a mmo's back in the day and miss em all. Found out this one (dragon's prophet) shut down a while ago and it made me super sad because it was such a good one for it's time but never shone to it's potential. Thank you to AdeptGamers for bringing it back and letting me experience something again from my past! That's all, thank you for those that read this and happy gaming! :D


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