With the new items imbued with empowered bonuses available, an equal rise in power was necessary for the famous endgame location of Uber Tristram. New bosses arrive to inform you that you aren't as unstoppable as you feel. Without more blabbering, here are some screens: (kind of hard to take them when I'm dead faster than I push the button sometimes)

The sandstorm:
Nasty caster killer:...

Galactic Storm has officially been released to the market; due to me being unable to read a calendar and due to a short delay it will be available until Monday (the 9th) until Midnight.

The Dragon is available as a package that includes the following items:
  • 1x Galactic Storm Egg
  • 100x Laedis Academy Provisions
  • 20000x Dragon Provisions
  • 5x Academy Training Whips
  • 3x Academy Skill Crystal
  • 2x Academy Dragon...
We will be having our weekly routine maintenance at 7 PM PST Monday evening. During the maintenance we will be doing the following:

Due to the large size of this patch (3.3GB), we will be splitting the patch into parts, a data and launcher patch, and a texture patch.

The data patch will update the launcher so that new patches and data will be pulled from a new CDN so that download speeds should hopefully be (hopefully) faster.

The texture patch will be the patch that includes Galactic...
As Galactic Storm is completed and pending release this week, Aiden is looking to start the next Dragon, and we decided to make the voting for it public.

You can add your vote to the poll on her Patreon here:

She will also be posting some previews and updates occasionally, though most updates relating to new models will be posted to her Patrons only.

You can also make some recommendations on the Patreon for specifics of...
It took a while, but it's finally here. A server for Diablo 2 is finally available for all retro nostalgy seekers.

It was around the end of May that I was spoken to and agreed to take a perhaps hoped for dream. If you ever missed this game, now you have a chance to give it a shot again.

At the moment, the modification I am working on is heavily aimed at pve and dungeoning which is made longer, and has much more to offer. I created it for challenge seekers who would like a lot more bang in...
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