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Hello AdeptGamers,

Here are the current patch notes!

  • Disabled Valetines/Cookie factory event
  • Reduced Smart Shot Projectiles at Lv. 5 from 3 -> 2
  • Increased Diamond Dragon Bone and Gem of Truth Piece drop rate
  • Changed some of the Boss Weapon Set effects:
    • Magma Lord Sword: 10 aim -> 10% attack speed
    • Magichenge Sword: 10 aim -> 10% attack speed
    • Undead Bone Blade: 10 aim -> 20% critical damage
    • Undead Bone Two Handed Sword: 10 aim -> 300 aim
    • Undead Bone...
The servers will go down for a maintenance at 23:10 CET. [22:10 Server Time]
The downtime will be approximately 20~60 minutes.
Thank you for your patience.

The cookie factory event will be ending.
As it has been slightly two months since we launched the DS server, and patches have slowed down quite a bit due to real life matters for staff, but also due to where we are currently in development.

PvP Skill System

The main reason for the slow-down in patches is that we’re currently testing the new proposed skill system, where PvE and PvP skills are separated from each other. Due to the implementation we’ve had to create a custom logging tool to test when and where each skill is...
We are having another 30% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Sunday at 11:59 PST.

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