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Hello! Nostalgic, Past Player Here

I was thinking of this game again recently and itching to tame/collect dragons - but didn't think I could play it anymore since I heard the original servers shut down. (The little money I scraped up in high school to get more dragon slots, gone 2 or so years later. -sighs-)

I tend to be wary of joining fan servers, but I decided to see if any exist for Dragon's Prophet just so I can at least re-experience the game after so many years of being gone from it. I'll miss my original, old account with my dragons I had and loved, but ah well.

So, after a few days of enjoying my time on this revival of probably the only dragon-taming MMO out there to this day, I'll say hello here! Hope everyone's doing well. No idea how long my obsession will last, but I hope to stick around a while.

You'll see me wandering around as "Katriel" - just reached level 30 tonight. I love the Windrider fellas a lot and am thinking about drawing some of the dragons in this game soon!

Good Day/Night!

New player here. I've played many a mmo's back in the day and miss em all. Found out this one (dragon's prophet) shut down a while ago and it made me super sad because it was such a good one for it's time but never shone to it's potential. Thank you to AdeptGamers for bringing it back and letting me experience something again from my past! That's all, thank you for those that read this and happy gaming! :D

I still wait updates

I'm still waiting for the update after many years.
I still remember that time when the game planned big changes in the game such as changing skills, expanding features, adding maps,... but that time the update was unsuccessful. That time was 2 years ago, until now we still haven't been able to make major changes in the game, admin?

Soul skill healing

Hiya everyone -
In order to understand the game better i am looking for an answer in how the soul skill (SS) heals works. To be more precise, what you can do to up those numbers. Is it scaled with the stats of your dragons who has the SS? Or is it based on a stat from you character? ( in that case is ferocity bumping up the crit chance of that?) Or is it based on gear stats like healing power etc?
Currently i am noticing that those ss heals are not always healing me for same amount, but can't seem to figure out why.



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