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Question regarding data/progress

Hello, my old gaming PC is running low on GB, and I've deleting/uninstalling old stuff to lighten my load. However I'm a very cautious individual as I dread the thought of deleting games I actually really like in fear that I might loose all of my progress. So what I wanna know, is all progress that I have done in Dragon's Prophet account based (as in if install the game in another computer I still have all the stuff i've done)? Please let me know, I need confirmation.

But don't worry, I'll reinstall the game in my new more advance gaming pc in my father's house, if I get my confirmation.

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Bug Report Dragon speed abilities don't work

I wanted to do my Magical Silver the fastest among my dragons, but faced an error...
By my error, I firstly bought "Rushing Dragon Trainer" skill (+15% speed to all kinds of movement), then bought "Adept Dragon Trainer" skill (+50% speed to all kinds of movement), but it seens they doesn't work (( Runing speed increased by 18%, but... that's all x_X
In the end, I can't even save this skills to crystal to give another dragon...

I noticed that can work just one effect, but how can I save the second one?


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Bug Report Solved Credits, platinum, diamonds...

Morning folks. I've bought diamonds for Dragon's Prophet before, and had no problem. But today, I bought some platinum, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to either convert it to credits, or how to use the platinum to buy diamonds directly. When I go the "shop" if only gives me two options to buy diamond, and both require credits. Is there something wrong with the shop right now? Or am I missing something? Thanks!
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I issued a ticket, and one of the guys fixed the problem right quick. Thanks!


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