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Buying LF: Incubators

Hey ho,

I'm still kinda stuck in the process of levelling up until I can make them myself but my bank is literally overflowing with eggs that I don't necessarily want to discard.

Does anybody have some incubators they want to get rid of? I'd be so happy to take them. Just tell me what you want for them ;u;


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Bug Report Solved Game crashes upon logging character

Hi there!
Yesterday evening I logged out of my game as I usually do, then remembered I still wanted to do a quest that I almost forgot about, but when I tried to log back in, the game crashed when I tried to load my character. See the attached video for the crash, there is no error message nor any other kind of reason I would see for the crash.

If it matters in any kind of way, I was currently in Alentia in front of the Svarth Kingdom, tried to port to Arteicia via login screen once and also tried to run the game as admin or through a sandbox, neither worked. I'd appreciate if someone could tell me how to fix this so I can get back to my solo run soon! Thank you in advance 'v'

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Old player returning - hi everyone!

Hi there!

Names J / Jay, I used to play dp religiously on the german servers back when it was online. A friend recently showed me that playing it again through this site was possible, so I've been diving into it once more. The nostalgia hit me full blow since I've been playing since the closed beta, although always casually and never really invested in anything PvP (it's just not my jam).

Glad to be back playing and collecting, I'm really looking forward to being able to play through Satuma again as well since it was the starting territory of my first character - waiting patiently until it's back! :]

Hope everyone here's having a grand day!

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Bug Report Dye not unlocking, but consuming diamonds

I just attempted to unlock some dye, and when I pressed the button to pick a dye, it prompted me if I wanted to spend 100 diamonds on it, I confirmed and it consumed 100 diamonds but I did not receive any dye. I double checked to make sure but none of the dyes in my color library unlocked, still says 0/757. :/ So now I am out 100 diamonds and got nothing for it. Please help :(


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