Given how they completely deleted the old Dragon's Prophet Europe forum when switching to the current forum, it can't be guaranteed that they won't do the same with the new forums shortly after closure.

I would recommend people backup information that they think is pertinent or is worth saving so that it can be used here, or so you can keep any important memories you'd like to keep.
We will be having our weekly routine maintenance at 7 PM PST Monday evening. During the maintenance we will be doing the following:
  • Ripped out the Moonlight Ambassador's vocal cords finally
    • This actually was done in a prior patch, but if the NPC isn't modified in game it doesn't save. Thanks Runewaker
  • Adding Midas Moonlight Dragons
  • Fixed Draconic Influence not saving buff after death
  • Fixed a rollback in the Paragon Dragon Gacha
  • TW Strings released for...
You need to download the new client to play: Announcement - New Client Available

Hello AdeptGamers!

The big patch is finally here, and it is not the last one in that caliber that will come.
In the next few weeks and months a lot of the balancing fundamentals will be changed, yes, that includes the buggy sets and stats. This will open up new paths that should have already existed in the game instead of the same stale one...
As a foundation for the large patch coming tonight, and for future patches, we are releasing a brand new client. The old client will not be compatible with the new server update, and you will need to download this to play on the server.

You can find the client here: Download Games

Alternatively you can download from Google Drive:...
Due to some bugs we were having with people receiving Platinum when it was gifted, I have disabled the gifting system for Platinum.

As an alternative you can trade Platinum to other users by using the trading system, which I hope to have someone make a guide for soon.

You can find the guide here: Guide - How to Gift Platinum (For Diamonds) using the...
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