Hello AdeptGamers, here are the current patch notes.

So far I am really happy to receive the feedback from the players for the last patch. Crit does look like it has received a shorter edge than expected and will probably receive careful buffs. STR on the other hand seems to be just a bit overflowing the mug. Those will be adjusted in the future along other QoL changes, fixes and other balancing and minor skill reworks.

Here is what in this patch though:

  • Fixed Elga Dragoon Set's...
Hello Adeptgamers,

At 12:00 CEST the game will go down for patch maintenance. Approximate downtime will be about 15 minutes.
Announcement - [Patch 1.0.3] Bugfixes and Free Market

Thank you for your patience.

Atropus, the Baleful Shade will be available on the Marketplace until Saturday at 12PM PST.

Atropus will use Aqua dragon scaling (Dragon Affinity and Intelligence being it's strongest traits). It has the Adept Dragon Trainer skill, as well as the Shadow Cry skill from Eseriel Frostshadow.

Like Alstromera, Atropus is using the new gender-based title system where it will reward a different title based on the...
We are having another 50% Cash Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Monday at 11:59 AM CET.

You can purchase Cash here.
We have been dealing with a larger than normal DDoS attack for the last week, and it got larger today. It also was not helped by our data center doing some maintenance, putting us on a slightly smaller connection temporarily, which has been the cause of larger disconnections.

Due to the way that Dragon's Prophet is designed, it is very susceptible to DDoS attacks and is something that we are going to be looking at to optimize in the near future. Currently I have been looking at and...
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