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  1. Silkshoes
    Silkshoes newb
    lol Very cute Newb
    Silk <3
  2. Raisengeki
    Finally learning my way around this site, but how on earth do I participate in polls/forums? XoD
  3. Silkshoes
    Silkshoes kenneth s maher
    Many Thanks for your visit to my profile :)
    Silk <3
    1. kenneth s maher
      kenneth s maher
      was checking out the players that i have the pleasure to play with havent had the chance to do it sooner lol RL now i have lots of time
      Nov 20, 2017
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  4. Silkshoes
    Silkshoes Kitalia
    Hiya Kit lovely to have you back <3
    Hope you feel better.
    Silk <3
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  5. Silkshoes
    Full lvl at last :) - NTL <3
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  6. Silkshoes
    Silkshoes Seiichi
    Many Thanks for the update of eggs & for the seal breaks was lovely to get 4 in one dance lol.
    Regards Silk <3
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  7. DarkFang
    No longer active on this server.
  8. jeGur
    Yarr!! don't mind me I'm just a clueless Pirate looking for his Potato
  9. Silkshoes
    Silkshoes Faleah
    Hiya Fal Dear, hope all is fine with you <3
    Silk <3
    1. Faleah
      Awwwwww Thanks Silk! I'm doing better. Not quite as tired as I have been. Hope all is well with you too!
      Nov 1, 2017
    2. Silkshoes
      Oh Fal get more rest, relax a little & pamper yourself :)
      Silk <3
      Nov 2, 2017
  10. Silkshoes
    Getting closer to full lvl, still a away to go :)
  11. epjjim
  12. Manu
    Manu Seiichi
    Server is in maintenance? when will the maintenance end?
    Thank you!
    1. Seiichi
      I replied to your post in the announcement forum. More information will be posted after the initial assessment.
      Oct 21, 2017
  13. philip
    Hi Im player from Taiwan! My English sucksXD~
  14. paula
    paula Seiichi
    Hi SEII i cant longing game i try loging so men hours a go and nothing
  15. Silkshoes
    Silkshoes Seiichi
    Seiichi, Hi, since reset today when server closed nothing works, to get logged back. I downloaded 14 MB's of stuff from pre-'start' screen & progressed to log in screen but server still closed. After waiting a couple of hours, I try to launch I hit 'Dragon's Prophet has stopped working, windows is looking for a solution' I get the program failed with the button to 'close program'. Is there an easy fix ?
  16. Thunderstorm
    Thunderstorm Silkshoes
    Oh wow I see you like Pern.. I also like it! ^-^
  17. Silkshoes
    Silkshoes MystikStorm
    Hi, Myst Dear. Many Many Thanks for all your care & help. Will soon be back to the lvl I had on EU lol.
    Silk <3
  18. Silkshoes
    Total newb at the moment lol
  19. Silkshoes
    Silkshoes Kodawolf
    Hi Koda , still finding my way around lol
    Many Thanks for all your help & advice.

    Silk <3
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    2. Kodawolf
      Anytime Silk <3
      Sep 29, 2017
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  20. Merisot1325
    Merisot1325 Seiichi
    sorry dont know how to private messege its about the starter pack if you can sent it to lyraveil