Before buying a land warrant, make sure that you have found an existing house plot that matches the size, or have gotten a custom plot created and approved.

Due to many requests early on with our server we started offering custom housing, which offers more benefits for people who want to buy the plots.

The benefits of custom housing are as follow:
  • Daily rent of 100
  • More housing items
  • More houses
  • Custom NPC scripting (depending on availability and rules)
  • Choice of location (depending on availability and rules)
700 x 700 Plot
Houses: 4
Housing Items: 1920
Custom NPC: 1

800 x 800 Plot
Houses: 4
Housing Items: 2120
Custom NPC: 2

900 x 900 Plot
Houses: 5
Housing Items: 2330
Custom NPC: 3

1000 x 1000 Plot
Houses: 8
Housing Items: 5000
Custom NPC: 5​

Originally houses were only offered on Baerton Darkshroud or Baerton Mossfen, but we have since expanded it to be available to any Baerton island (except for B11 or B19) depending on certain conditions.
  • Plots can only be made on Baerton; this is because Dragon's Prophet links all other plots on island sharing the same number as the original Baerton plot.
  • Plots must be new, and not an existing plot. Due to plots being shared, any change to a plot will change all other plots on other islands, which creates issues for other players.
  • Plots cannot overlap smaller plots.
  • Plots cannot crowd an area to the extent that it ruins other the experience of others. This, however, does not mean you get your own personal hidden retreat if there is more than enough available space.
  • Plots usually will not be allowed to overlap roads, bridges, buildings, or certain structures. There are exceptions to this depending on the map, and while you can ask, we will not always approve these.
  • Plots are final once they have been placed. While creating the plot, we will ask for feedback and take requests for angle and placement, but excessive pickiness can get you refunded the price of the land warrant, and you will no longer be eligible for a custom plot.
  • Plots are a finite resource, as there is only so much available area. Once there is no longer any space available, this service will no longer be offered.
As an added benefit to custom plots, we started offering players the ability to have custom scripted NPC, which have their own rules and restrictions.
  • Custom NPC are only available for Baerton plots. Plots on Drathgor or Grimtol will inherit those custom NPC, so it is a first come first serve situation. No exceptions will be made.
  • Custom NPC cannot be Marketplace, Ancient, Fabled Ancient or Rare Dragons (Exception for Aqua regarding rares).
  • Custom NPC that are not Dragons cannot offer any dialog options, cannot be bosses, and cannot be merchants or quest NPC.
  • Custom NPC that are terrain or background objects may or may not be included as part of your total NPC.
  • Custom NPC will only be placed once you have decided on how you have decorated your house. If you plan to re-decorate your housing plot, you will have to do so around the scripted NPC.
  • Custom NPC are final once placed and cannot be adjusted once they have been finalized. Excessive pickiness will get you excluded from having custom NPC, as it can be a time-consuming process (minimum time is 30-60 minutes but can go up to several hours).
Currently there are no limitations or time limits on custom plots, however we may in the future enforce an inactivity rule for repossessing custom plots. This is only being mentioned since they are a finite resource, and that the rent is so low that it should be possible to maintain rent forever with little to no effort.