Custom Titles were another community request that we had, so we have implemented a way that allows players to buy and request a title. Because titles are currently manually done for each purchase, they are priced at least at a nominal price to justify the time expense.

Custom Titles will not always be available and will usually remain the same price.
  • Titles should not be lewd or offensive. If the title is a bit tongue in cheek it is likely to be approved, however if it is just rude or crass it is likely to be denied and you will be asked to choose a new title.
  • Titles are limited to 64 characters.
  • You can have some symbols (Symbol), however they require approval, and some may not work or be allowed.
  • If you request a symbol used for racism or request a racist title that uses a symbol for a racist purpose you will be refunded lose access to getting a custom title. If you really annoy us you could potentially be banned.
  • Do not go overboard on titles; they can be used for flair, or accent but it is unlikely that a pure symbol title will be allowed.
  • Titles are final. Once it has been added to the game it is going to be extremely rare for us to ever offer the choice to change it.
  • It is strongly recommended to not do a couple title. If you break up, we cannot promise to change the title.
  • Titles are added and tested after a maintenance and can take 2-4 weeks to be delivered. The title will be emailed to you in game to the character you filled out in your title request.
What do Custom Titles entail?

When purchasing a custom title, you will have the choice of what the name will be and also what the description will be (if no description is provided, we will just use "Custom title for <Forum Name>/<Player Name>".

When purchasing a title, you have the choice in what the name of the title will be and what the description of the title will be. If no description is provided, we will just use something default.

Here are the three tiers of custom titles offered:
  • Basic Custom Title comes with no added stats and no Draconic Influence and costs $15
  • Secondary Custom Title comes with no added stats, and +25 Draconic Influence and costs $20
  • Premium Custom Title comes with +20 to all stats, and +25 Draconic Influence and costs $30
Why is it so expensive!?

Custom titles are currently done completely manually, approving the title (and discussing the title with the player), adding the title to the game, and delivering the title.

Can I buy more than one custom title?

Currently each tier of title can only be bought once, however in the future we may make it so that players can buy any number of Basic Custom Titles as there is no stat benefit.