Due to how easily abused certain items were abusable through housing storage or banks due to them being given out in the starter pack, as rewards for events, or other systems we have prevented the following items from being transferred through housing storage.
  • All Expansion Cards
    • Backpack Expansion
    • Bank Expansion
    • Dragon Stable Expansion
    • Dragon Lair Expansion
    • Dragon Chamber Expansion
    • Furniture Backpack Expansion
  • All Flutes
    • Underworld Merchant Flute
    • James Brown Flute
    • Lair Manager Flute
    • Shard Attunement Flute
  • Draconic Influence Potions
  • Daily Quest Reset Ticket
  • Master Repair Hammer
This list will infrequently be updated if there are any additional restrictions placed on items.