Pegasus - Black

This is a black variant of the Pegasus Mythical. This was designed by Vipera ( for our server.

Pegasus - Black
Seiichi, Dec 4, 2017
Kogu, Raella and Silkshoes like this.
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      This one I really want as acc wide on all char's :)
      Santa its added to the wish list.
      Silk <3
    • Seiichi
      @Silkshoes This will probably be one you catch in the wild, not a marketplace or other type of dragon.
    • Silkshoes
      Ahh ok will be a total camp out, bring the Sammich's & coffee flasks guys. :D

      2nd thoughts bring a sleeping bag tooooo.

      Silk <3
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    Dragon's Prophet Concept Art
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    Dec 4, 2017
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