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    Sorcerer 2 Handed Haberace PvE (Rotator Obliterator)

    If you choose the other version of Hell Flames it adds an AOE to the combo if the target has Ignite status. That option sadly doesn't restore a burning flame which is used as a resource. Of course, if you are fine with that it's a perfectly good option for extra DPS.
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    Bug Report Solved missing catalysts/diamonds

    Sorry. I dc'd while buying a catalyst pack and I lost my diamonds and did not get the item. System says I got a refund but i tried relogging and still don't have 5858 and instead have 5258. You can just mail me a catalyst pack when you have time if that is ok. Ty. No rush. I attached a screen...
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    Recruiting Guild Vesania

    Still active and looking for players! Please feel free to apply via the Lyaree Brotherhood agents. Have a great day and enjoy the game!
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    Bug Report Ethric's bugs!

    1 Handed Riemist was meant to be a great healing kit. I have attached screenshots of the god masteries that show excellent healing skills but when you add skill points they just become poor dps skills mostly.... Truly sad, I would love to see these skills shown here in the pictures.
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    Bug Report Ethric's bugs!

    The 2 handed staff combat skill "Ignite" is broken in some way. In a setting with the same stats and enemy, Ignite preforms the same at lvl 1 as it does at lvl 10. This is a fairly important thing since the skill is required to be at lvl 5 for a god mastery skill. At lvl 1 ignite for me states...
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    Oracle 1H Istalon PvE/PvP (Holy Trinity+)

    Dps, tanking, and heals, oh my!......BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! That's right, folks! Right now for the low low price(plus grinding and leveling) of one class, you can be the next best thing since FlexTape! Not only is an Oracle a perfect Bandaid for all problems in game, it is also the solution for...
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    Guardian 1-H Piersar PvE/PvP (CounterClysm)

    Well it sure has been a while....again....*cough*.... Anyways, I was looking at my polls and it seems a lot of people like 1-H Piersar and I do too, so we shall dive in and explore this high paced build that any party would love to have! ATTRIBUTE POINTS: Ferocity: 200 (crits do a ton of work...
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    Dragon Conversion Wishlist

    If you can make Obsidian Thunder in DHT obtainable.... I'd like to capture him inside during runs to make it a much more desirable dungeon.
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    Recruiting Guild Vesania

    The doors of the legendary guild Lautus Vesania are opening, once again, for all those that seek the gospel of madness! Accepting players both new, old, and active alts with no home. This is a guild that strives to participate and engage in all aspects of this wonderful world! Wars, dueling...
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    Sorcerer Sorcerer Lightning 1H Build

    Hey! If you want to have some fun with lightning then check out this build I posted in the forums. I have other sorcerer builds that may interest you as well. Sorcerer - 1 Handed haberace PvE/PvP (Aggressive Blitz)
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    Please vote on your favorite sorcerer god! This poll is purely for science!
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    Please choose your favorite god for the ranger! I will post builds for the most popular gods the quickest!
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    Please choose your favorite god! I'll post a build for the most popular choice the soonest!
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    Please vote for the oracle god you want to see! The most popular gets made the quickest!