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    Comment by 'JackTheHunter' in album 'Laedis 108 Weapons'

    theye weapons still very hot
  2. CrystallineChaosLines3.png


    His name is Bluestorm
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    Beta Testers Needed

    I interested too.
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    Announcement Regarding Dragon's Prophet EU & Savage Hunt Shutting Down

    i hope lot of player will continued play with this server now while the eu will be died. just i wish this server dont shut down no matter what
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    Announcement Battleground Testing

    hello seii. while in the server we cant find 10 people be nice the 3v3 battle ground instead of 10. i hope the test will be worked
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    Selling Armor of Calamity

    Hello guys. i want sell Armor of Calamity exchange diamonds