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    Email Received ~ Security alert: New device fingerprints (User) detected

    Thank you so much for the speedy reply, Seiichi!
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    Email Received ~ Security alert: New device fingerprints (User) detected

    This is the message in my email: DragonByte Security has detected a security alert regarding New device fingerprints (User) I am using the same computer that I've used the past 3 years and am using the same internet provider and I am certainly the very same user for the adeptgamer website and...
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    What do you do?

    I always enjoyed the housing and decorating an apartment or land plot. It's also another place for storage.
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    Frohes neues Jahr / happy new year

    Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!
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    Christmas Wishes to All

    Merry Christmas to everyone and their friends and families, and also wishing you all a happy, healthy and blessed new year!
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    I don't know how or where to start

    I recall that I could fall through the floor of the airship if I had a companion summoned when transporting. Not sure if that was just me or if it was a bug.
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    Bug Report Solved Personal Lair Manager

    I was able to summon my personal lair manager and interact with them, with no apparent issue.
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    Bug Report Solved Personal Lair Manager

    Hi everyone! Just a suggestion, or maybe more of a question. Is the personal lair manager supposed to start counting down immediately when I get it? I really would love to have this as something I can keep for later, but noticed the timer began as soon as I clicked and released it from the...
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    Announcement PSA: New data updates means updating your client

    I don't see anything greyed out, but where else can I check in game to confirm whether or not I'm updated as I need to be? is the title under achievements? Thanks!
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    Buying Looking for Talisman

    Ok! I understand. Thank you for clarifying this for me. :D
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    Buying Looking for Talisman

    I did not realize we could recolor a weapon. That is awesome, if so! :)
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    Custom Housing

    Can't argue with 'cool'! Sounds great! :):):):):)
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    Custom Housing

    I don't understand the npc function. What do they do?
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    ummmm Hi!

    Welcome, Kyuseiri! :D
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    Hey all

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your travels and adventures here as much as I do. :)
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    Bakra vs Puretia - Should We Do Both?

    It's nice to know it will remain. Thanks, guys! :D
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    Which dragon family do you prefer? Part 1

    I love them all, and could be referred to as 'that crazy dragon lady' if I had the room, but since I could only choose 1, I chose assault. I love the muscular build and their compact size, as well as their fierce demeanor. :D
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    Bakra vs Puretia - Should We Do Both?

    Thanks, Rangerwave! We started in Bakra but also doing Puretia. We've really enjoyed the opportunity to run around Bakra, since it was never an option for us before since that zone was already closed when we first played DP in 2014.
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    Sale Completed 30% Diamond Bonus Weekend

    I must have already associated my account, but forgot that I did it. Got a message that it already exists. I should be gtg. ;)
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    Guardian Guardian builds

    Thank you, Heminyx! I appreciate the info. :)

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