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    Email Received ~ Security alert: New device fingerprints (User) detected

    This is the message in my email: DragonByte Security has detected a security alert regarding New device fingerprints (User) I am using the same computer that I've used the past 3 years and am using the same internet provider and I am certainly the very same user for the adeptgamer website and...
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    Bug Report Solved Personal Lair Manager

    Hi everyone! Just a suggestion, or maybe more of a question. Is the personal lair manager supposed to start counting down immediately when I get it? I really would love to have this as something I can keep for later, but noticed the timer began as soon as I clicked and released it from the...
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    Bakra vs Puretia - Should We Do Both?

    I am just curious whether anyone else is starting over and doing the Bakra zone since a lot of people were never able to access it. (Me, for one) I realize we can jump ahead to get closer to the level we left behind on the other server, but I want to see what I missed before. That being said...
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    Hi & Ready to Try NA Again!

    Hello everyone! I am a returning player who was very sad when the other NA shut down a couple years ago. I started playing after Beta, so was never able to start in Siberna/Bakra zone. I'm excited to see it all and thrilled to be back. Also, thank you for the generous welcome pack...

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