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  1. Aiden

    Sneak-Peeks of New Dragons

    Figured I'd start posting these here so they don't just get lost in the discord chat. Future sneak-peeks will be posted in this thread as well. Note: You will need to be Hatchling ($5) tier or higher to be able to view Sneak-Peek posts on my Patreon. Any support truly is helpful and is...
  2. Aiden

    Suggestion Cutting Back on the RNG / Micro-Transactions

    As much as I enjoyed this game in the past, coming back to it and having to deal with some of this game's many issues again has reminded me about one of the things that was so off-putting to alot people : over-used amounts of RNG in the game, that are more often than not, also paired with...
  3. Aiden

    Suggestion Other means to care for Dragon Eggs

    Standing around for hours on end in an egg circle just waiting and hoping that your egg gets enough cares to reach max stats just simply isn't enjoyable. You can't really play the game when yer stuck holding eggs, which in turn detracts from the overall enjoyment of the game. The situation...