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    Announcement Developer Update We would like your opinion!

    Unfortunate that the server is going on a hiatus but I hope it will come back one day as its my last server ill play DS on I guess. Here are my 2 cents to the stuff asked above. I would like to break it down into 2 categories for now. 1. What did the server do good - Definitely id say the...
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    Buying BDL Belt

    Buying BDL Belt 3 opt - AGI ( Pref 15 can be lower tho) INT HLT W ingame Shotsfired / Lunatic
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    Buying Lunatic buying odd stuff

    - Buying Hunter G capsules 16g each no matter the level If you have any just COD to Lunatic ingame
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    Suggestion Summoner damage buff / Rework

    Hello there. Im nobody. Summoner dmg needs a little buff atm as its really underperforming in Elga or general boss content and struggles on fast clearing floors on drakos compared to other classes: So after the introduction here is my suggestion: If possible either cut the animations of skills...
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    Shaman Summoner current feedback

    Summoner state / thoughts on it Hello there. Most people will know me as your biased unfriendly Twin player Chaos. I like summoner playstyle so I played the class for a while especially after the changes and wanted to give some thoughts on what I feel is working and what doesn’t work at all...
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    Bug Report Summoner Dash + X attack bug

    Dash + X attack does 1 or 0 dmg on summoner. Edit: Attacking a target on the ground with X deals 1 dmg too and the last damage of a chain combo X spam without smartshot deals 1 dmg too
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    Bug Report Snow Blues - Wizard skill

    Snowblues - penguin - skill on wizard cant be used when its skilled at 1/5. To fix the bug temporarily you have to get it to 2/5 t make it useful. Although that only applies if you skill it from 0 straight to 2. If you have 1 point in it you have to use a skill reset scroll to get it to 0/5 so...
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    Bug Report Movement speed bug after Patch

    @Fisolino Dont wana make another thread. The twin cdmg party bonus doesnt work 13%cdmg
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    Bug Report Archer Multishot

    Current archer multi shot got a 0% dmg scaling after patch
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    Bug Report Movement speed bug after Patch

    @Fisolino Yeah the set bonuses seem to have a typo 1200 MS on all twin set bonuses. Edit: Can even confirm it if I put down 5 set bonus i got regular MS
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    Bug Report Movement speed bug after Patch

    I think theres nothing else to add. Twin. Found it : 5 set piece bonus of BDL is 1200 Edit: Can confirm the typo being in Secma , bone set as well
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    Suggestion Soulcraft/enchant system- adaptive system

    Hello. I got a suggestion for the frustrating RNG in enchanting and soulcrafting. The idea of it is simple not getting rid of RNG as it is a part of the game but giving people with bad luck a hope that it will get better the more they try rather then someone one tapping items while others just...
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    Suggestion 4 Boxes at a dungeon - drop

    Hello there. As most of you know the drop is predetermined on the drops. Who doesnt there goes your dream. My idea would be making those boxes useful in this kind of way. Making every box specific to a certain loot so people can choose what they would like to drop in the dungeon to give it a...
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    Suggestion Potion vendor items

    Hello. Id be great if every potion vendor over the drago world would offer the same stuff as the one in PoW. Especially the one in Black claw nest would be cool if he had the Elga medals.
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    Suggestion Item drops from monsters Goldfarm/Soulfarm

    I dont really think that will help much since speedy classes like Twin, Ninja, Archers, Overlords will just run away before the item can even drop. That is why I suggested a rather end drop thing.
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    Suggestion Item drops from monsters Goldfarm/Soulfarm

    Hello there. I wanted to talk about the current state of Soulfarming mostly. You try to run as fast as possible to get more items every run. The problem I see here is that we are being limited by mobs dropping soul boxes and wait for them until they are picked up from the ground. Honestly I...
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    Twin Fighter Twin discussion slight rework

    Twin Boss damage buff ideas and other stuff Hello there Id like to talk after the recent balancing patch about Twin boss damage. This topic is mainly focused on boss damage ( considering mainly on Elga encounter but you can really feel the damage difference already from Lavalon and further up...
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    Bug Report BSQ Gold reward

    It seems to still give 7g instead of the new gold ratio that was changed with the recent patch.
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    Bug Report Self Heal Mage skill

    Reporting Self heal mage 1.st tree doing 200hp healing on lvl 5 skill with a zauharant +25 Weapon. description says 52% matk + 140 flat bonus. My current MATK is 26 700.
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    Twin Fighter Twin 4 set bonuses

    Hello. Id like to address a issue i stumbled upon. I am aware that it will get reworked someday ( in a year? sarcastic laugh ) It is the 4 set bonuses on Bone set ( 100 STR ) and Secma set ( 150 STR ) on Twin compared to a ninja with a Agility boost of 100 / 150 agility. The conversion rate for...