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  1. Shining Amethyst

    Shining Amethyst

  2. Apocalypos


    There are legends about a horse that comes out of the cracks between the islands to take souls to the afterlife. The horse's legs are shrouded in green fire and the eyes are like two lanterns in the fog. Not every asaro will be able to tame such a companion, because he behaves unpredictably.
  3. Solarion


    There have long been legends about horses, some of which helped the asaro in the battle with the chronos. These were horses, the mane and tail of which resembled gentle light flying like the rays of the sun. Their armor was of a rare white gold alloy. And the eyes were like a clear sky.
  4. Cherry Vortex

    Cherry Vortex

    This fabulous stallion has long been a faithful companion of the Asaro. If Asaro wanted to confess his love to his soul mate, then he had to tame the fabulous horse. After all, only he could take two lovers on his back to the fabulous cherry orchard.
  5. Fresh Breeze~

    Fresh Breeze~

    What can please everyone in the summer? Of course, caressing the sun and the beach, where you can feel the fresh breeze of the sea.
  6. Chinera


    all that is highlighted in blue emits a faint flicker °^°
  7. kusarina

    Soo happy ❤️

    Soo happy ❤️