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  1. Kitalia

    Developer Update Current Source Code Progress

    *note to self* (Get a helmet for Draggie and Collision Insurance)
  2. Kitalia

    Developer Update Current Source Code Progress

    So Happy..ty ty ty for all your Hard and Difficult work...are we gonna still be able to get the Titles..."I working to get all the in-game transformations"..lol gotta reach goals..."just need the last 14 (the ancient ones)"
  3. Kitalia

    Shell Shop Requests

    Ty hon, and hope things get better..*Waves Pillow Wand*....(Fizzle..)...i tried..
  4. Kitalia

    Shell Shop Requests

    Hiya, Just a nudge....please please..Easter Furniture in shop
  5. Kitalia

    Shell Shop Requests

    ohhhh, i thought it was you can use it...in starter map and on Orville/Porthias map...ohh well it so cool looking ty ty anyway
  6. Kitalia

    Shell Shop Requests

    Hiya hon, would really like this piece of furniture/tool to be added to shell shop.... this shard attunement machine...is better looking than current available shard combining machine..and a nice addition to the game..(Furniture)..options
  7. Kitalia

    Loot Pet Conversion

    umm how about a Harpy, loot pet...and a Trent/Tree...loot pet
  8. Kitalia

    Loot Pet Conversion

    Warthorne-Sky Queen (from Silia)-Griffen-Thornlash (or one of those from his color group/)-The boss's from DT-AT(Accursed Tower) lol, sorry hon you did ask btw any chance you could make mini-live stage's-to display our loot pet's in our apt/plot's, we love to own those cuttie's...but just...
  9. Kitalia

    Event Mythical Coloring Event Winners

    YAY to winner's and well done to all
  10. Kitalia

    Solved Title / Crown of Dragon Tournament missing

    Best wishes hon, and all we can do is wait and hope hon....o/"
  11. Kitalia

    Solved Title / Crown of Dragon Tournament missing

    Unfortunately hon, till it can be fixed...the last part of the year is glitched...from Jan-upto-Sept is working fine..so if you can win-participate/in one of those Quarterly's ...than you can get gold crown/title...and yes ik it is very hard to do..i been trying since last year...to get the...
  12. Kitalia

    Solved Title / Crown of Dragon Tournament missing

    It happened to me last year hon, for the last of the year, (Quarterly, rewards-Sept/Oct/Nov-) for the Dec rewards....it is a glitch that has been going on...they will get to it as soon as they can...but the best advice i can give...try for the Quarterly's..(Jan-Mar/Apr-Jun/July-Sept/)-and just...
  13. Kitalia

    Solved Title / Crown of Dragon Tournament missing

    I know my dragons not very strong...and i usually have too wait til after 16:00 pm til i get rewards...but unfortunate-ally i haven't received them this mth..neither have a few guildie's
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