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  1. Haildrake

    Developer Update Current Source Code Progress

    Man O MAN!!! i can't wait for this to come, thank you so much for the great news and thank you Aiden for stellar work!!
  2. Haildrake

    Suggestion Rejected Take a Walk on the Shax Side

    So this would definitely be something that would be far down the road but I'd love to see the possibility of characters having more interaction with and even joining the Shax as they go about their adventure. - Ideally this would work thru the achievement system and side quests done thru each...
  3. Haildrake

    Shell Shop Requests

    Oooh snap! could we get a item that we could use to dedicate towards the dragon companion system? It be a nice grind item that'll be equivalent to dedicating 1 rare dragon (200 shells) call it Companion rune or Companion spark
  4. Haildrake

    Guide Quantifying Companion XP

    gotcha, gotcha
  5. Haildrake

    Guide Quantifying Companion XP

    I didn't give specific numbers (In regards to player kills) because depending on your VIP LvL the exp bonus will make it Higher for all monsters, bosses included.
  6. Haildrake

    Guide Quantifying Companion XP

    Hi all this is Haildrake AKA Torrice in game and this is a quick helper guide to help your grind Battle Exp as fast as possible. Alright so 1st off here is a link to the basic overview of the dragon combat exp table on the dragon prophet wiki: Dragon Combat Skills It has things I will reference...
  7. Haildrake

    Game Tips Armor Sets - Images and Drop Info (almost complete)

    ty ty for uploading this tis a godsend
  8. Haildrake

    Finish the sentence

    ... Hunt the dragon while transformed as a Dragon. The dragon in question was...
  9. Haildrake

    Finish the sentence

    ...To locate for the sweetest dragon in Auretia. Many sought the most succulent beast only to discover...
  10. Haildrake

    Shell Shop Requests

    The merchant flute would be really cool but it couldn't be the 30day ver that is too good. I could definitely see the single one for 300~500 and or even the 7 day one for 3000 shells (i think its doable since the standard monthly rewards have the 7 week version one and those who can't get grind...
  11. Haildrake

    Finish the sentence

    ...summoning a Skitter. He then told everyone to bring out their chickens for...
  12. Haildrake

    Finish the sentence

    ... If you none of you makes it out alive, then I will take away James Brown forever. So, Fal grab a microphone and....
  13. Haildrake

    Announcement Introducing: Alstromera, the Summer Queen

    This Dragon Deserves a round of applause. God damn it it mystical to look upon
  14. Haildrake

    Which dragon family do you prefer? Part 2

    Swiftfoot family will always be my favorite, hands down.
  15. Haildrake

    Game Tips Armor Sets - Images and Drop Info (almost complete)

    Just a FYI The old above link doesn't lead you to that guide anymore so here is a link that does now: [Guide] Armor Skins - Savage Hunt Forum Have Fun all
  16. Haildrake

    Buying Gunblade (think its general naem is poacher gunblade)

    Hey all I'm am looking to purchase the gunblade in this picture. I've been grinding everywhere to grab it again and haven't had any luck so if you want to sell it to me please, please, please send me either a message or a cod. My in game name is Torrice
  17. Haildrake

    Cooling Impact Combo skill?

    Hey all Torrice here and I've always wondered what skill do you need to use cooling impacts stun effect? For those who don't know this is what the skill says: Launches a water energy offensive, inflicting X magic damage...
  18. Haildrake

    Dragon Dragons and their skills

    Wouldn't Swiftfoot dragons be Physical and not magical damage? but yeah they do have a lot of support skills so I do get them being classified as such.
  19. Haildrake

    Bakra vs Puretia - Should We Do Both?

    OK for me I would like to keep Bakra because of 2 reasons. 1) In the story quests towards the End dungeon I found out that the you can obtain the "sky-hammer" shield from that quest which is unavailable if you play in Puretia ( as a ranger. idk about other classes). 2) While playing through the...
  20. Haildrake

    Which dragon family do you prefer? Part 1

    I have and always Loved the swiftfoot family and they are the best dragons for me no matter the situation.