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    Dear community

    Here is some knowledge on swiftfoot behaviour.

    First things first.
    As you may or may not know every dragon has 4 basic attacks.
    - Impact
    The swiftfoot impact attack is almost the same as other dragons. The swiftfoot starts to run and keeps running, often through the target till it hits. Afterwards there is a 1 second recovery time before it will start new action. It is used primarily when engaging.
    - Strike
    The swiftfoot has 2 strike attacks. One is animated by a it biting twice in quick succesion. This also means it hits twice. The other is like a jumping a short distance through the target, which hits once. The second jumping strike has a bigger hitbox, while the former second hit can potentially miss. The swiftfoot strike attacks have the lowest damage of all basic attacks. Luckily it doens't happen that often.
    - Pursue
    The swiftfoot pursue hits twice. It's animated by a short ram.
    - Sweeping attack
    The sweeping attack is animated by a 2-3 second preparation in which the swiftfoot ducks, then jumps up to do a 180-turn in mid-air. This attack does the most damage of the all basic attacks.

    This teaches us that skills which enhance strike attacks are not that useful on swiftfoot, and skills which enhance it's sweeping attack are.

    Swiftfoot evolutions skills:
    -Dead Angle Attack
    This skill is quite good, cause the swiftfoot has the tendency to go through it's target multiple times, which makes it activate it's dead angle attack. However in dragon arena it has low uptime.
    -Dragon Raid
    This skills is a must have and here are 2 reasons why, ferocity is a swiftfoot strongest attributes which translates to high crit rate. Dragon raid gives up to 40% extra hit power for 20 seconds at lvl 10 which is a good way to boost your damage output. Your next attack deals double damage (101%) at lvl 10. So combined with a high damage skill you have a sick burst.
    -Thunder Attack
    I haven't fiddled with this evolution skill. Based on description it just gives a 1 time damage whenever the swiftfoot casts the charm skill.
    -Agile Souleater
    This is an amazing skill to have. The swiftfoot weakest point is it's constitution. Though it doesn't happen that often you get 1 shot. (More from magic attacks as swiftfoot have low magic defense.) Most of the time you get 2 shot by enemy dragons. This skills makes your dragon recover hp every 2 second. Now here's the catch at lvl 10 you heal up to 60% of your hp every 2 seconds. This makes your dragons practically invincible during 20 seconds. A big penalty is that Souleater Impact on a swiftfoot has low damage and small hitbox.
    -Electric Banishment
    This is an ok skill. It transforms paralyzing current from a small cc only skill in a skill that also buffs your damage output by a small flat amount for 10 seconds. It is particularly good with multihit skills. Like Cyclone assault for example.

    Base stats:
    Strength - 424
    Intelligence - 377
    Constitution - 330
    Ferocity - 517
    Focus - 438
    Dragon Affinity - 410
    For the min-maxers between us.
    As you can see the Ferocity attribute is the highest and the constitution attribute is the lowest.
    So to capitalize on the training level (because it is multiplicative) it's better to get more training on stat with more base.
    A possible distribution of training is
    27 levels in Fero
    27 levels in Focus/Strength
    25 levels in Strength/Focus
    1 level in DA/INT/CON.
    Another one is 30 in Fer, 28 str, 16 con, 12 focus.
    The former is glasscannon, the latter is more balanced.

    Number one on any dragon is Healing wind.
    Cyclone Assault for the evolution skill.

    Highly recommended skills:
    Souleater Impact for the evolution skill.
    Ferocity enhancement, again to capitalize on it's high base stat.
    Will To Live - Your dragon will die, this keeps him in the game for much longer, escpecially when combined with Souleater impact evo skill.
    Magic Skin - You are weak against magic damage. That will boost your magic defense ALOT. (consider the exponential damage reduction)

    That's all you need for a working swiftfoot. Feel free to add your own skills. Though I have to say a personal favorite of mine is dragon scythe. Use it after cyclone assault for lovely results.
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