Dragon's Prophet

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  • Laedis 108 Weapons
    theye weapons still very hot
  • Frigid Siren
    Tales have long been told of the whispering voices that can sometimes be heard in the icy wilderness of Wintertide. Many a traveler have vanished...
  • Stygian Wraith
    Stygian Wraith is a frightful phantom dragon from the sullied depths of Satuma. It was once thought to be raised and kept by the most rich and...
  • Anthias Mirage
    Despite not being a perfect swimmer, Anthias Mirage spends a large amount of time underwater during its hibernation period. It is not very buoyant...
  • Lazurite Trance
    A wise dragon from the frosted over region of Wintertide, Lazurite Trance acquired fame through having the ability to exert an aura of knowledge...

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