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    Loot Pet Conversion

    I'd kill for a Cobalt Lightning pet! And a tiny Samael!
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    Event Mythical Coloring Event Winners

    Congrats to the winners! So many good choices I'm honored to be an honorable mention! ^^
  3. Prince of Autumn

    Prince of Autumn

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    Announcement Introducing: Samael, the Hellforged

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    Announcement Rolling Back Source Update

    DP sounds like a real pain to work on, thank you all for your hard work and not giving up!
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    Developer Update The coming update, and some more Dragons

    oo I love these changes! and Aiden has outdone herself *-*
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    Solved Glitched/Missing Text After Computer Shut Down

    So my computer randomly shut off as I was playing DP and I think it somehow managed to completely break my client? Because now when I boot the game up, all the text is either missing or replaced with code? Text for npcs is completely blank, so is the text for the esc menu and my abilities...
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    Bug Report Egg spawn rates too high in Inartia?

    Ah, okay! I've just never witnessed it happen before, surprised me lmao
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    Event Phantom Coloring Event Winners

    Congrats everyone! Really happy to see that some of my top favorites won ^^
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    Bug Report Egg spawn rates too high in Inartia?

    I don't know if this is a bug but the Enigmatic Dragon Eggs sure seem to spawn a LOT in Inartia, specifically the snowy area. I thought I was just lucky at first but as I flew around they just kept popping up almost every time, is it supposed to be that common? I haven't ever been able to spawn...
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    Dragon My Old Dragon Guides...

    Love these guides! Definitely excited to see you're still around and going to update them ^^
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    Event Dragon's Prophet Coloring Event: Phantom

    Here's mine! This was great fun, I'm excited to see who wins ^^ I've always loved Phantoms and there's so many unique designs being submitted!
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    Hi ^^

    I came from SH! I was around for NA servers, then SH, and I'm so glad this game keeps surviving