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  1. DeltaFusion


    Is there a roadmap for the game by any chance? :)
  2. DeltaFusion

    Orange 105 set sorcerer

    Hi all, I hear some ppl saying that you need to go the DA set on sorecerer, other ppl are saying the intel set. Is there any sorcerer that want to discuss this with me? If you want to in private you can always add me ^^ Thanks
  3. DeltaFusion

    Dragon skill exp

    Hello, Does anyone know the best way to farm exp for your dragon skills? I am running corzine now because of the mob density. Maybe there are better ways? Thanks
  4. DeltaFusion

    Hydra taunt

    Hello all, got a quick question: Are Hydra dragon's good taunters or did I get wrong information? Are there good taunt dragon's? TY

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