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Orange 105 set sorcerer


Aug 1, 2023
Hi all,

I hear some ppl saying that you need to go the DA set on sorecerer, other ppl are saying the intel set. Is there any sorcerer that want to discuss this with me? If you want to in private you can always add me ^^



Feb 16, 2023
I've always based my stats off of how I'm gonna play the game and people are going to always have different opinions. You really just gotta figure out what works best for you. Hopefully the wiki link below can help somewhat but here's what I do for my sorcerers. When adding the character points, I keep my INT and DA even and keep FERO about half of those. I get decent crit hits and can rely on Fire Blade/Fiery Breath/Flame Barrage to whack mobs pretty decently depending on spirit shield, level and if a crit hit occurs. If things get too hairy, the Haberace (which is INT/elemental damage based) Nether Bombing attack skill is nice for mob control 'cuz it causes high hit repetitive damage. Prairie Fire regains dragon soul points on hit, doesn't cost much to use, and give you a burning flame. For the costume shards I use the elemental damage shards 'cuz they bolster all of my attack skills. I generally have dragon soul skills for healing and have a dragon summoned to help whack mobs/bolster my own stats. Now, I'm not PvP focused and haven't tested it on PvP so this is really just how it works for me against PvE. It's allowed me laid-back game play that I enjoy.

EDIT: I got ahead of myself, friend. Whoops lol. I use the int based set. It helps bolster the god skills (and all skills really) I mentioned and there's nothing wrong with more damage and defense. DA only adds in magic penetration which I've heard isn't really necessary for PvP 'cuz players are gonna have decent defense anyway. It's better to just hit high with good crit hit numbers. Or so I hear. IDK LOL hope this helps :)

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