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  1. M

    Sorcerer Wand Guide

    Hey There! Is there any kind of guide in which i might find the different kind of wands (one handed), how they look and in which task you have a chance of getting them?
  2. T

    Bug Report sorcerer skill instant jump bugging

    The Skill every sorcerer gets at the very beginning to jump forward (teleport) is sometimes bugging: I often get resetted to the place i started jumping forward, often when pressing it more than once.
  3. indibab

    Sorcerer Build

    I came from old dragon and I had Guardian there, here I choose sorcerer and I need help to build sorcerer in nice way for PvP and PvE both. Can anyone help with Attribute points setting and good mastery setting including god masteries.
  4. Amadeus

    Bug Report Sorcerer Skill Cancel

    EDIT 2: It seems the cause is dying. My skills didn't cancel until I died, then it started! There seems to be a bug in Elga that cancels skills, to be more: precise blizzard, fire emblem and rockets of sorcerer (maybe more). You can see in the video () that about 25% of the mentioned skills...
  5. Rustkin

    Sorcerer Sorcerer Lightning 1H Build

    Looking for a Lightning 1H Build for my Sorcerer I not know which skills is recommended i saw a few videos on YouTube of some players using this lightning skill where they fly up a little and start rapidly attacking with lightning effects that looks like a AoE/Crowed control attack area and...
  6. Ethric The Mad

    Sorcerer 1H Riemist PvE (Glacial Guru)

    I know it has been a while since my last post but you can chill out now, because I am back with a cool support build ready to command and conquer! ATTRIBUTE POINTS: Full Charisma OR 200 Charisma (This build is not for fighting, you need this for strong dragons.) 121 Dragon Affinity (This is a...