Sorcerer 1H Riemist PvE (Glacial Guru)

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    May 16, 2017
    I know it has been a while since my last post but you can chill out now,
    because I am back with a cool support build ready to command and conquer!

    Full Charisma OR
    200 Charisma (This build is not for fighting, you need this for strong dragons.)
    121 Dragon Affinity (This is a sorcerer's favorite stat and Riemist is based on it. This stat provides extra damage, defenses, and hit points.)

    Earth Shield 10/10 (hphphp, we also need this for a god skill)
    Draconic Affinity 10/10 (your main stat, boost Shield of riemist hp)
    Draconic Knowledge 10/10 (Need for strong dragons. We can't have a weak army can we?)
    Ground Fissure 1/10 ( AoE repel)
    Stasis 1/10 (Stun break with a little heal)
    8 points left Put these in soul focus, cloth armor, or elemental scar. This build wants more AP but your heals can crit.

    Frost Beam 10/10 (This skill keeps damage flowing and lets you keep moving)
    Summon Ice Giant 10/10 (Same as frost beam but in PvP this guy can be really annoying to players)
    Roaring Thunder 10/10 (A fantastic move as always. With this build the damage is a little low but it has a stun and a great combo)
    Frost Ring 10/10, left (we need to support or allies by distracting, freezing, and slowing. this move has a long freeze time.
    Ice Shard 10/10 (A combo for Frost Ring. This will net you 25 AP and deal some decent damage)
    Icy Armor 10/10 (Truly your most useful skill. anybody close enough that hits you will freeze or be slowed.

    Shield of Riemist 10/10
    (left, this amplifies earth shield a ton and makes it AoE. Can be 20K+ hp)
    Frozen Blood 10/10, left (HEALSSSSS! When a skill YOU cast COULD freeze an enemy it will heal AoE around you and can crit.
    Icy tornado 1/10, left (stun break, knockback, slows, forward penetration)
    Frozen Impact 4/10, right (A foward cone attack that will freeze enemies)

    This build is great for players that love dragons or like to be in control of the battle. If you want to change it a bit then take 5 from frost ring and put it in frost bolt and take 3 from frozen impact and put it into ice crystal strike(left).
    For gear I suggest the dragon affinity set or the toughness set. For stats, you should maximize Charisma, Dragon Affinity, and crit chance. Other wanted stats are con, hp, int, and Natural damage.

    Let me know what you think in the comments.
    Thanks for reading and have a glorious day!
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    May 13, 2018
    Gotta try to mix this up with your lightning build so I can use the dragons and do some damage... Don't want to support the pt with my skills, but with my dragons
    Hope it works
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