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  1. M

    Dragon What Dragon to find Skill Healing Wind

    Where can i find the skill healing wind? Have went through hundreds of silent enmity (aqua rare) and dusktalion (skytouched rare) and not seeing the skill.
  2. Cinnabelly

    Bug Report Can't skill 'Snow Blue' (Warlock)

    Gyazo ^ what happens is all in that GIF :)
  3. Zirothos

    Suggestion Healer total rework

    Healer class skill that should be removed or rework Monk Removal of diffusion canon: replacement holy arrow Holy arrow effect / low cooldown skill: lv 1 shoot 1 arrow in front of the caster that pierce the enemy and hit multiple targets in front of the caster > higher lv = shotting more...
  4. K

    Magician Warlock's "Thunder break" skill

    Can we have a rework for this skill. It does 30% of atk every 2secs (which doesn't even deal as much dps as the normal z combo), and also buggy as hell since for some reason it misses the atk for like 90% of the time
  5. G

    Bug Report Solved Academy skill crystal

    Hello Dear Support Team! Lately I've discovered, that filled "academy skill crystals" are stored in the "normal" backpack instead of the marketplace backpack. So, I have 7 filled crystals in the "marketplace backpack" and 9 in the "normal" backpack. Could you please check this out? Thanks...
  6. O

    Bug Report Solved Dragons soul skills

    hello i am dp old player. i used to dragons soul skill replacement and spine shield etc I've never seen.Isn't it here? Didn't I find it? ty :) and my assistant google translate :)
  7. D


    Good afternoon. Why do I need to open this tab, and how does it work? I opened it out of curiosity and did not understand anything. Gives an error message. Thanks.