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  1. Snake Pest

    How many chests are in the GM event dungeon

    The title says it, just wondering how many encrypted chests are in the event dungeon, does it change? Or something else?
  2. S


    Bnjour je n'arrive pas à me connecter sur le jeu
  3. Sethelogical

    What do you do?

    What do people do if not questing or hunting down dragons? This isn't a question about advice, I'm genuinely curious to hear how other players spend their spare time in the game!
  4. Ruhloser

    Frohes neues Jahr / happy new year

    Ich wünsche allen ein glückliches und gesundes neues Jahr ^^ Viel Spaß und Freude aber vor allem Gesundheit ^^ I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year ^^ Have fun and enjoy yourself, but above all health ^^ LG Ruhloser ^^
  5. M

    Possible critical bug

    Hi there, I have't verfied it yet, but if the game spill the adress as text - it's never good ;) From experience i could say that could result f.e. RCE or something simmilar
  6. M

    Sorcerer Wand Guide

    Hey There! Is there any kind of guide in which i might find the different kind of wands (one handed), how they look and in which task you have a chance of getting them?

    Bug Report Solved increased Dragon texture quality

    Hey, while the increased Dragon texture quality really looks nice and is an improvement for almost every dragon, it still seems to cause annoying lags, especially in dragon arena. guess some ppl will have problems in the upcoming tournaments :confused:
  8. witchrose

    Bug Report Solved Is client login ID the same as the adeptgamer forum ID?

    And if not, do I just submit a helpdesk ticket to recover my password/ID? (I just downloaded the client & extracted the files, and am at the login screen for the first time.)
  9. Adamas

    GM EVENT Halloween pictures

    Fun time post pictures here for GM event :)))
  10. N

    Suggestion Planned IOLS- grind

    as it is, not enough players are running ILOS. and the grind will take a few good months grinding the Rutheless Essences even solo is too hard. out player base is very low for these kinda raids. maybe we can make the drop rate of them a little higher from the green bags, so players will be able...
  11. kingovscots

    Severite's Treasure

    i have farmed this for 3 hours a while ago got nothing, now today I have farmed the first fragment for 6 hours I had loads of glowies but not fragment! does anyone know a better and quicker way and can I change the channel while doing it?
  12. Lingerie

    New Server / Ref. Dragon Mastery / GM Event

    For European Players (others might be effected as well, as it concerns the new server time) will todays GM event start 1 hour LATER, i.e. 24.10. @ 1:00 am (UK 23.10 @ Midnight)? I ask because of the Dragon Mastery problem and that the fix will be tried by Seiichi @ next maintenance, i.e...
  13. Ruhloser

    Neue Zeit für Beginn der Drachenmeisterschafft / New time for the beginning of the dragon mastery

    Hallo Seiichi , hallo Freunde ^^ German: Wie ich gestern feststellte wurden die Zeiten für Refresch (Server) und Drachenmeisterschafft um eine Stunde nach hinten verschoben ! Demnach beginnen die Vorbereitungen zur DM hier in Europa nicht wie gehabt um 23:00h sondern erst um 0:00h . Das ist...
  14. Adamas

    New Guardian in server

    Hi guys 1 friend just start and make Guardian - i rly don't understand what skill he have to lvl up or what shards he needs for DPS - MY question can u pls link here guide for Guardian or some setups in skills char like fero or strength. Ty rly in advance :) and have a awesome day :)
  15. S

    Where is the server located?

    Just curious where the server is located. I may want to use ExitLag if needed. Thanks, CaffeineInjected (shadyhaxx)
  16. Adamas

    Normal day in DP - enjoy in world and Dragons

    Guys Girls Just enjoy in awesome world and Dragons - i will be glad if u support me - share this video if u like it :) Ty in Advance
  17. N

    Returning player

    i am looking to dance, please add me in game ill be on alot from now and im a daily dancer :D
  18. Y

    Oracle Shards

    Какие осколки использовать для Oracle? естественный, заклинание дракона или лучший магический урон?
  19. K

    Land warrant

    Hello I have a question about Land Warrant, is it possible to return this item? I can't find any 500x500 land to buy for this ticket
  20. M

    About Laedis 94 and 102 sets

    Hi can anyone advice on how to complete the laedis 94 and 102 sets solo if possible? Currently lv93 Guardian.