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  1. YuuyaHTD

    dragon prophet old account use?

    can i use my old dragon prophet account ore only new created from that private server?
  2. YuuyaHTD

    new old player

    Hello i am new on adept and creat a account for playing dtragon prophet. I had played a few years and now i saw you maked a private server. Lets have fun and i hope the download and all do woithout pronblems. Thx for the chance to play it again.
  3. WhyteWulfe

    Pumpkin Bombs in Puretia

    Hi! I cannot find all the pumpkin bomb recipe pages for Gordon Pumpkin near Paeon. Does anyone know the locations for them? I've searched high and low and have only found three. I don't remember where the others are. Thanks!
  4. AncientOne

    Eseriel Frostshadow egg?

    Hello, So I was looking at the marketplace and I saw no Duskreaver dragon eggs, so I was wondering: Will there be some Duskreaver eggs? And especially Eseriel Frostshadow's? I really love the colours of this dragon, and I wish I can obtain it one day.
  5. Y

    current prices and gold gain

    so i tried few times ingame without luck. but ye what are the current prices on 302 shards. also what els can i sell these days to earn me a bunch of gold ?
  6. Y


    what are the options to get that dragon here
  7. Y

    double up

    when will the next time be, if u have a planned date. want to save some up for it
  8. Y

    returning player

    so i have some problems with the download. what should i do This site can't be reached Check if there is a typo in downloads.adeptcdn.net. If spelling is correct, try running Windows Network Diagnostics. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
  9. Keys

    Problem with the launcher

    Allways whenn i try to star the launcher the error message "load MainWnd error". I already redownloaded it Does anyone know what to do?
  10. psiho91

    I cant download the client

    Can anybody help me ?
  11. A

    returning player question

    Hi there. I am a returning player. What is the server population like now? Can you find a lv30-60 party on the small levels? And I would also look for a friendly guild :) good game everyone 1663137269 I hope to find friends <3
  12. Wolfstar21

    Laedis 102 Gear

    Which piece of the Laedis gear do people think is the easiest to get? Neckless, ring, ear rings?
  13. ZambieMaster


    Hello! I'm new to this thread and I had a small question because I couldn't seem to find an answer while searching. Does this community have an area that takes or views dragon concepts or DP fan art? I'm an artist/ modeler and I'd love to contribute to either the game by suggesting or creating...
  14. Wolfstar21


    What Dailies do you like after max level. Rusty Blade Pirate (Pirate coins) in Olandra has to be popular. It's pretty easy and quick. How about Return to the Father (Gather Stones) in Wintertide?
  15. Wolfstar21

    Treasure Hunt Empty Chests

    I seem to remember there was something you could do with the empty treasure chests from treasure hunts besides selling. Collect 10 or something and turn them in. Anyone know what or am I just dreaming this :)
  16. Snake Pest

    How many chests are in the GM event dungeon

    The title says it, just wondering how many encrypted chests are in the event dungeon, does it change? Or something else?
  17. S


    Bnjour je n'arrive pas à me connecter sur le jeu
  18. Sethelogical

    What do you do?

    What do people do if not questing or hunting down dragons? This isn't a question about advice, I'm genuinely curious to hear how other players spend their spare time in the game!
  19. Ruhloser

    Frohes neues Jahr / happy new year

    Ich wünsche allen ein glückliches und gesundes neues Jahr ^^ Viel Spaß und Freude aber vor allem Gesundheit ^^ I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year ^^ Have fun and enjoy yourself, but above all health ^^ LG Ruhloser ^^
  20. M

    Possible critical bug

    Hi there, I have't verfied it yet, but if the game spill the adress as text - it's never good ;) From experience i could say that could result f.e. RCE or something simmilar

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