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  1. Ruhloser

    Neue Zeit für Beginn der Drachenmeisterschafft / New time for the beginning of the dragon mastery

    Hallo Seiichi , hallo Freunde ^^ German: Wie ich gestern feststellte wurden die Zeiten für Refresch (Server) und Drachenmeisterschafft um eine Stunde nach hinten verschoben ! Demnach beginnen die Vorbereitungen zur DM hier in Europa nicht wie gehabt um 23:00h sondern erst um 0:00h . Das ist...
  2. Adamas

    New Guardian in server

    Hi guys 1 friend just start and make Guardian - i rly don't understand what skill he have to lvl up or what shards he needs for DPS - MY question can u pls link here guide for Guardian or some setups in skills char like fero or strength. Ty rly in advance :) and have a awesome day :)
  3. S

    Where is the server located?

    Just curious where the server is located. I may want to use ExitLag if needed. Thanks, CaffeineInjected (shadyhaxx)
  4. Adamas

    Normal day in DP - enjoy in world and Dragons

    Guys Girls Just enjoy in awesome world and Dragons - i will be glad if u support me - share this video if u like it :) Ty in Advance
  5. N

    Returning player

    i am looking to dance, please add me in game ill be on alot from now and im a daily dancer :D
  6. Y

    Oracle Shards

    Какие осколки использовать для Oracle? естественный, заклинание дракона или лучший магический урон?
  7. K

    Land warrant

    Hello I have a question about Land Warrant, is it possible to return this item? I can't find any 500x500 land to buy for this ticket
  8. M

    About Laedis 94 and 102 sets

    Hi can anyone advice on how to complete the laedis 94 and 102 sets solo if possible? Currently lv93 Guardian.
  9. Adamas

    Promoting the server in Twich

    Guys help me promoting the server so new ppl has come. I do usually normal stream for the fun in the game - its in RU but anyway every one can see that the game is super. I will be happy if share it in FB,VK or what ever social net u use Ty folks ^^
  10. Y

    how to set up 200 nestes in a smart way.

    so this is my first time setting so many nestes up. and im looking for advice how to do it. so it wont look messy
  11. Y

    RU guild is looking for friends-Русская гильдия ищет игроков.

    NewRUDP Guild is looking for new friends Come join us its way fun with US, присоеденяйтесь к нам у нас весело!
  12. Y

    Question for a dragon

    Guys there is a Quest in Olandra for a dragon where u collect 10 blue stones - do u know locations for it or spawn time
  13. Onylink

    Island Plot 700x700

    Hi, I am looking for a plot 700x700 on a "green" island, with grass and trees, does someone know where i can find one ? Thx. Bonjour, Je suis à la recherhce d'un terrain de 700x700 sur une ile verdoyante, ça fait un moment que je cherche mais pour l'instant je n'en ai pas trouvé. Est-ce que...
  14. K

    Stuck at 92% loading

    I can login to game, select character, then game starts loading..it sticks at 92% loaded. Maybe maintenance? I was able to login earlier today. I deleted game and re-installed, still happening. I am going to assume there is maintenance, so i will check back later. I am leaving this post here in...
  15. Y

    custom made landplot

    Heard a littlebit about it. but i would like to know more. like what would the requirements be for it to happen.
  16. SnowCake

    Login Failed new player

    Hello, I´m from germany and an old DP player. I download the zip, follow the instructions, create here my profile with succsesfull verification, create a new game account here on this website (it show me it is conneced). but I can`t login ingame. I get the message: check your email and password...
  17. Onylink

    Lvl 60

    Hi, I used th poiton gifted to up one of my character but he stay block at lvl 60, i don't remember how to unlock the next lvl. When i played on official servers we used to up fast after a new max lvl was deployed and i don't remember which quest is needed. Someonecan help me please ? Bonjour...
  18. kingovscots


    What are the ideal stats on a Gunblade?
  19. Alhysa

    New player questions

    I've just started playing and I stumbled upon this post for new players in which there are a bunch of tips my questions are about those in the beginning, it says that I should PM Seiichi for a starter pack but I never did and my character has an "Adept starter pack" in her backpack, is this it...
  20. K

    The game is lagging pretty hard

    I noticed during the past few weeks that the game is lagging way more than before. Atleast on my end. Is this a general thing or is it only a problem for me?